October 26, 2009

Oh, not again...Monday!

So, my lovelies...good morning!

I haven't felt very productive over the weekend.
All I did was stay home, and wallow in my now-called fall misery (aka summer misery or quarter-life crisis). Aren't you sick of hearing this?! I am, for sure!!! Ok, I also felt sick and dizzy so going out was not really an option. I did however buy some amazing music on iTunes again (so I can make more fall CDs to inspire my days). And, I also baked muffins and tried to keep reading the book. No real progress there, but it's getting more and more dense which makes the book kind of weird but I'm sure there's a reason behind this.

Too much thinking was also done over the weekend. It's what I have to do...THINK. I also pre-wrote an entry I will at some point publish, but not now because I know there is more to add to what I already have. Anyway, this weekend signs were all over guiding me towards something new and big. You all know (or should by now) that I am a big city lover. A city with one million (plus) people is big to me. Anything less is just not good enough. Some may like it better when it's small and cozy I simply don't. I never did and I never will! Granted, I do love small and cozy for maybe two days, but after that...let's not go there. The signs were all over and it was kind of funny. Yes, I do believe in signs. Not all of them, and not all the time, but I do. I also think whatever is happening in our lives at this very moment is what it's supposed to be for this specific moment. It's part of our life, our pattern, our designed path. I don't believe in sticking with it and staying with whatever we have just because it is there, and I don't believe in doing things you don't like and don't want to do. What I do believe though is that whatever we are going through (the happy and the sad things) will help us some time in the future. But I do digress (see? I was thinking...I'm always thinking!!!!!, I've been thinking too much lately). What I saw, read, learned of, and remembered this whole weekend was the following :

Do you see the pattern?!
I sure do!!!
The big question lingers in my head now...the answer, too, by the way.

Don't we love Mondays!!!????

Have a marvelous start into this - the last week of October - week!



Skyes Scribbles said...

The thing my friend has "the case of the dizzies" it's called vertigo! Don't know if i spelt it right. Might wanna ask your Dr. about that.

Big cities scare me. but that is cool that you are a brave soul and like the big city! my anxiety takes over and i just such down in huge crowds! it sucks!

Hope your monday went well! :oD

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Yay Seattle!!


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