January 22, 2010

Happy Friday!!!!

Yes, I know, Christmas is over. But this doesn't mean I can't make wishes and dream about them. Right?!

So for this early afternoon....these are my plans and wishes and dreams...

...go have my glasses fixed. They're about the fall apart and even though I would love to have new ones I love my current ones and don't want them to die right now. They're my lovely glasses, and make me look sophisticated and very smart, so I can't let that happen. I need them. Wish me luck.

...meet a friend for coffee, or something. A little chat is always good. It may cheer me up.

...maybe have another try finding my sweater/hoodie. I failed yesterday. Am not going to the mall today. Maybe I wasn't looking in every corner and on every shelf and didn't see it?! Oh well. If I don't find it (and it just so feels like that) I'll save money which is good, because we all know we *I* need that.

...get me some cash. I have only 2 CHF left in my wallet and that's really it. 2!!! Wth? And since I love cash (yes, I do) I better get me some. Fast.
If you were wondering what CHF stands for...it's Swiss Francs...and it sort of just equal to the $, so 2 CHF means $2! I'm rich. :D

That's about it for today. At least for now.


I keep dreaming...it's what keeps me going today!



Manju said...

lolzzzz another farmville addict huh

nicole mountz said...

oh have a great day, sound like some great goals:) i want glasses so bad, maybe ill start faking my bad vision so i can get a pair;)

Mara said...

have a great Friday..Hopefully you can achieve some of those goals!

Ashley said...

I love meeting a good friend for coffee... I did that yesterday and we ended up talking for 3 hours. THE BEST!

Happy Friday :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hope you had a great Friday!!


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