January 6, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Hairstyle

It's Wednesday, and what does this mean?!
Yes, it's Wishful Wednesday time again.
*if you don't know what that is, hop on over to Kelsey's blog*

This week's topic is:

 I wish I had ...hair/hairstyle!
And my answer to this topic is...

I wish I had Jennifer Aniston's hair and hairstyle!


I just love how her hair looks.
The way it falls, and shines and all.
Never liked "the Rachel do" or whatever they called it back in 1994/5.
My hair's a total mess, and never listens to me. ;-)
It's not really thick so I have my little helpers to make it look stronger and not-so-darn thin.
But I would give almost anything to just have her hair for one week.
Years ago I knew what shampoo she used to make it look so beautiful (we had to buy it for her).
But I forgot what it was. Then again, I'm sure it's something totally different today.

So, hair...look at the picture and promise me to become this beautiful one day! Thank you.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Kelly said...

Oh, her hair is sooo freakin' cute. I loved it in the movie "The Breakup" and in the Friends episodes when she was pregnant with the short bob?? Adorable!! That is how I want mine to look when I cut it super short... good luck, right?? ;-)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Her hair is always perfect!! Long, short, it all looks cute!

Christa said...

I love her hair too! It's gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Such a good choice!!! I love her hair long, it looks so gorgeous!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Her hair is always fabulous, classy, and just perfect!!! Add a little lighter blonde to your look, and it's pretty similar. Lucky duck!

Sam said...

I agree -- I love her hair! Good choice, hehee.

Happy Wishful Wednesday!

Mara said...

Jennifer Aniston has amazing hair! I love it!

Annie said...

pretty, pretty! ;)
great choice hun!
girl next door look is always a good oen.

Jessi said...

I wish for Kardashian hair... those girls have A-MA-ZING hair!

Unknown said...

I'm wishing right along with you. My hair is pretty good most of the time...I just let it go air dry and curly, but man, to have her hair would be awesome!


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