January 2, 2010

Oh holy Saturday...

...how I missed you. There's nothing holy about today except for the fact that I would like to laugh out loud and just use some unholy words from time to time. The time of my crazy work schedule has begun again and so far it's been okay and well, let me call it, bearable. I drink tons of tee, and water which keeps me stay hydrated for pretty much the entire day and alive and all...it keeps me sort of in the warmth of this building (even though, let me tell you briefly...a heater's right next to me and whenever the door opens I want to scream at the person opening it because the cold air coming in is very bad for my lungs and my well-being but oh well), and well, I get paid. I don't know how much yet. All I know it is definitely half of what the rest of my so-called friends here receive each month (and they complain they don't get enough! Ha!!), and double of what some of my friends receive in a month (ok, social work is hard and great but pay is bad; so I remember! If I'm wrong, correct me please).

So where was I?? Oh yeah, work...mine to be exact. The only thing that literally bothers me is my co-worker. No details necessary, way too depressing. Besides I've shared with you what I went through and what bothered me last summer and since the new year just started I want to be more positive and forget about all the bad things she did. Apparently, she thinks so, too. I know so, because the minute I arrived today she started talking to me, asked me if we wanted to go into our coffee/tea corner and chat. Come again? This person wants to chat? With me? WHY?!!!????  You may think, hey, it's good you two are getting along etc etc etc but let me tell you one thing about this manipulative person...she's evil and I'm sure by just playing nice she's got some plans somewhere to attack me again. I can feel it.No wait, I can see it in her eyes and her behavior. It's super scary to see her smile and talk nice and all that shit whereas we all know how cruel she's been over the past 432 years. Ok, exaggerated, but still...and I'm not the only one thinking that way.

So, anyhow...I started working again and got some culture work shock slapped right in my precious face (yeah, right) and now I'm just trying to chill and do whatever I need to be doing.
I need inspiration, but guess what...My google reader shows a number I'm too afraid to admit and it scares me...so I better work on that and read all your lovely stories. I'm sure I'll find inspiration somewhere in between your written lines or fun pictures!!!

Happy Saturday!

Me, without any pictures! :(



Tokyo Girl said...

Happy New Year to you as well!
Wishing you lots of happiness and peace (especially at the workplace) for the new year!

Jess said...

Sorry about your co-worker! Stress in the workplace is definitely one of the worse kinds. :-/ Hopefully things will improve and the new year is fantastic for you! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I know what you mean! I'm catching up on blogs right now. I didn't know you were already headed back to work! Don't let the coworker get you down! Hang in there!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

oh difficult coworkers are the worst! so hard to ignore it and just mind your business but thats really all you can do! haha

hang in there!!


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