January 13, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Entrepreneur

It's Wednesday again and this obviously means I'm playing along with Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday series.
I'm still feeling a bit off today but better, and well, I just needed to distract myself and actually drag myself out of bed! So here you go....

Wishful Wednesday

This week's topic is

I wish...I had the startup funds to build that company I have 
always dreamt about, and it would be.....!

Ok, I never dreamt about having a company or my own store. Never. Odd? Maybe.
But, when you get older (sigh...), you get to experience things and have visions, and at some point tiny dreams occur and these dreams or ideas might come close to starting up a business.
So, this WW's "answer" is going to be a bit different than usual. I think. Here it goes:

 Where I'm living right now, I automatically compare things. I see what's been missing and what most probably will never be functioning over here. Cannot tell why exactly but certain businesses that work in other countries and cities don't normally work over here. Sometimes it's good because that way it makes this city unique and not just like any other place which then makes it automatically boring. But sometimes it's quite sad that the stubbornness of this place and country and area just makes the city look dull and out of place.

Either way, it is quite difficult to start a business over here. I've seen good ideas, and people actually opening up stores and all...but those good ideas vanished into nothing after a few months.
So, seeing all this makes this question a tricky one.

Ha, yes, I've always wanted this place to have outlet stores, or stores sort of like TJ Maxx or Ross or even Kohl's. I wish this could be done easily. But if I had to choose, I would open something like TJ Maxx or Ross over here and make it work. Somehow. It just has to work. And I think people would like this. They might be hesitant about it for a while but with the right amount of advertising, and with the right amount of budget and price tags (and we all read about how expensive it is over here) it should work!
But I'm a chicken, and this won't be happening. :(

Though my 'ultimate' dream thing is something else.

I would want to open my own little cafe. Ok, not so little. 

I love coffee, and well, I do love tea, too. I am a huge lover of self-made muffins, or donuts, or bagels, or cookies or anything else that might be fun to eat (even for lunch or early dinners) while drinking freshly brewed coffee, great tea, or any other yummy drinks. Cakes would be cool, too. Nothing like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. It would be unique, with its own music, reading corners, lounge sofas, bookshelves, long tables, pictures/sculptures of local artists, and such. Maybe even with private sections that allow students to study. Or, also with a little stage so local artists could be playing once a week or something. 
But it won't be a nightclub, nor a bar, nor anything close to that.
Just a cafe with a tiny touch to it!

Imagine, a mixture of some hot and cute cafe somewhere in Paris, or France for that matter, with a little backyard garden (with heaters for the cooler winter time) and lounge sofas somewhere so you can sit down, drink and eat but also relax. Because we don't need stiffness in our lives, if we do we can have  it somewhere else...maybe!


And it sort of should look like this...with a more modern touch to it...
...if you could see and read my brain right now you'd understand what I mean...haha!


Sort of...
...as long as it's cozy and just welcomes you in and lets you stay forever! ;)

I wish I could have found something that looks exactly like the image I'm imagining right now.

Well, and I'm glad I never did this or will never do this, because there are thousands out there...
...maybe not exactly how I would mine to be, but still...in the end, a cafe is only a cafe. ;)

Enough from me.
I'm heading over to Kelsey's and check some of your stories out...


all images except when otherwise stated via We Heart It!!!


Sam said...

Aww, I like the idea of a coffee shop! When Starbucks first became really popular I always thought that that was the business to go into as well. It almost seems as though all the "original" ideas for businesses have been taken. Boo. :p

Annie said...

your cafe/coffee shop sounds wonderful! i can picture it ;)

p.s. i hope you are feeling better today hun!

Mara said...

I've always wanted to open my own bakery and cafe! Maybe one day :)

Jenni said...

aww that sounds beautiful!

Anonymous said...

aww selma that sounds wonderful! my sister and friend dream of opening a coffe shop/bakery because one loves coffee and the other is an excellent baker. i totally bet you will get there someday! i believe in you! :)

Unknown said...

I love this idea. I love love love the idea of having a little shop like this, and I especially love the idea of having bookshelves for people to read out of. How clever! I think it would be cool to open a cute little botique and sell goodies and stuff like this that are all homemade. Maybe one day. Maybe we can combine our ideas and do it together!...one day.

Caroline said...

This sounds wonderful! I would definitely stop in!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

These are all good ideas. I desperately want to open a store but I just don't know where I'd fit in, in this city!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

A cozy cafe is truly the dream. To walk into work and get a cup of java and make peoples day better!!

♥ sarah said...

a coffee shop would be so fun! great idea and cute blog! xoxo

Annemarie said...

Fabulous wishes love! I agree- a coffee shop would be amazing! XOXO

Tokyo Girl said...

Please come an open one in Tokyo! I have yet to find a cozy cafe, where one can not only enjoy a hot beverage, but feel relaxed and read a book in peace.


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