January 5, 2010

What Are You?!

An alien perhaps?!

You should have seen my eyes or face or body or even my mind when I was asked this very question.

What are you?!????

Is this now an easy way to offend me, or to make me feel worse or better or what?!
I mean, hello?! I didn't do anything. Okay, I talked/answered questions but that's not a crime. Last time I checked it was legal, and quite fun and something I consider a wonderful tool. But when I got asked what I was I was a bit taken aback. Not so sure how to answer that. I'm a girl. YES. I'm a bit of a mess when it comes to my life but I'm guessing this will change this year. No, I know it will change. It just has to. *welcome to my distracted mind*
Anyways...where was I? Yes, the question that shocked the living hell out of me.
I get asked quite weird questions but this really made me speechless. I knew why he (yes, he!) asked me this, but come on?! Would it be possible to use something nicer than WHAT?

A mixtures of three nationalities should have been my answer. It wasn't.
He answered for me.
A Yankee.
Right. His answer. Not mine.
And it's not the first time I'm literally reduced to one word.
And it's not even a cute word.
And it's not even true!!!
In your face!!!
*why am I using always three !!! instead of only one ! ??* / *concentrate, Selma, concentrate*

Then his face got red.
Thank you.
And then more questions were formed and I decided to make some stuff up to answer politely. But I should have just made up some fun story of how I have three parents or three pairs of parents and all that wonderful patchwork stuff, but I didn't. I'm not that quick when it comes to answer funny questions. Sometimes I am, but the WHAT sorta threw me off board and I got lost. Big time.

And for the record, no, I don't come from a patchwork family although you might think so. Just a little. Then again, it's more a mixture of lots of nationalities and cities and all. My family lives all over the world, my nickname is "the Cali-Girl" (which I think it's weird), I was born with a different nationality than I actually grew up with or in or whatever, and when my uncle asked me what place (now, what is so correct it's almost beautiful) I feel most comfortable with and feel as if I belong I only had one answer.I so know WHAT I am!

The older guy's face regained its normal color and he asked me the same question (felt like deja-vu, but he doesn't look anything like my uncle) with hopes of Europe being the great answer. I disappointed him. He didn't say it but I felt it. Just because he doesn't agree with me, doesn't mean I have to agree with him. Or does it?! I don't think so. So, he left (maybe a bit shocked) with a smile (at least) and said good-bye.

A few minutes later a very cute couple arrived back from a very long stroll in the city, and both of them were covered in snow. YES, it's been snowing for hours and looks beyond amazing. I just realized I'm wearing the wrong shoes; since my regular winter shoes are sorta broken and need to get repaired...oh wait, I brought them in today, so I'm guessing I can pick them up tomorrow all ready for me to wear them again - yay!)...so where was I...yes, the couple and the snow...for both of them this is the first time seeing snow in their lives!!! Love it. They're from Australia. They love it here, especially now with all the snow. Great. I can't stand it here, especially with the snow. But, I do have to admit it looks gorgeous, and even though I always have my camera with me today is not an always-day because she's not in my purse and I feel lonely. :(
*so sorry no beautiful white snow pictures from me*
But before I get distracted again, for the millionth time, I better end the little story of the Australian couple...they loved the snow, so we started talking and voila...I was asked a very similar question and funny thing he answered it for me, too. *this time, WHAT was not in the question, and his answer was almost right* He loved it!!! Can you believe it?! YES, finally!! So I'm not a dork, with a weird knack for languages. Thank you. I am apparently blessed with a gift not so many can have and I should take advantage of this. Thank you. I love Australians!!! ;-)

So, to make this long entry end in hopefully a few more lines *yeah, right* I had an interesting Monday evening. Long, boring, with horribly annoying music playing, weird questions and reactions, epiphanies, and the urge to literally quit my job and enroll in classes. Any classes. And since I get wonderful short emails from my friend down in OC I think I should check schools out there, too. Huh?!

So much for Monday nights!!!
That's what it is; well was!

I wrote this last night at work, and for some reason forgot to hit publish. Oops.
So, here you go.

Happy Tuesday.
Hope you're going to have a fabulous day.

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P.s. if this post doesn't really make sense to you, I'm sorry. It does to me. ;-) The reading in between lines kinda helps. ;-)

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Katie said...

hahaha are you an alien?! You should have been like Are you a Chicken!?


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