January 31, 2010

Walking Snow Woman

I survived Saturday!!!
Not just at work.
It was a pretty low day, and I headed home at two in the afternoon to take a nap. Sometimes I feel like an old lady. After the nap I was ready to stay in but knew I had to get ready and head out again.
There was a snow storm in town; actually quite beautiful. I was a walking snow-woman and couldn't see a thing. I headed up about 300 stairs to attend a birthday party (with obvious leg pain - I'm so out of shape!). Dinner was excellent, conversations super funny (I finally laughed again - thanks to my friends L., C. and F.) and the whole evening was definitely worth a lot of things. We all headed over to another party (just two of us had to really attend and we just tagged along) and I ended home in one piece at two in the morning. It sure felt like an incredibly long day.
You may think "yay, she finally did something fun". It was ok. I should have stayed and not gone to the second party. Don't get me wrong. I saw people I hadn't seen in weeks which was okay. The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that people smoked. It's very common here and it really sucks. People smoke inside!!! My hair smells like smoke, not to mention my clothes...I feel like a walking cigarette or something. Plus, yes, my lungs hate me right now. I'm gonna see my doc tomorrow (if you're reading this, please have my inhaler ready, thanks in advance).

But I survived Saturday.

Sunday is yet to come...but it won't be anything special. The usual kind...work, and a bit more work...and then I'm heading home as quickly as even possible so I can go to bed right away and wake up at 5 again!
Gotta love my life...not!

Happy Sunday!!!



Crazy Shenanigans said...

I like that quote at the end! Glad you made your way out in the snow and survived! I hate the way smoke smells on my clothing when I've been around people smoking. Yuck!

Sara said...

happy sunday to you beautiful! Egypt won the cup of african nations today!!! WOHOOO!

bananas. said...

woohoo! way to survive saturday. hope you're sunday was just fabulous!!!

Michelle said...

Well I'm glad you survived! xoxo

Katie said...

such a good quote... now I just need to find a job I love haha

Mara said...

Aw I'm glad you made it!!


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