January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - 3 Minutes

Wishful Wednesday

This week's topic is

I wish...I could spend three minutes in ...'s shoes!

Do I know which one?
No freakin' way.
This really got me thinking and I have to say thank you Kelsey for this one.

This really got me thinking. A lot.
Maybe even wayyyyyy too much.
Usually the first name/person is the best.
But no. I have to go extreme. Write lists and such and compare and all that until I find...
...ok, no I didn't. But it still got me thinking.
I also got a headache and then tought...it can't be worse than what his head's going through...

You might like him or you might not.
I don't care.
I just would love to know how fast his head's spinning and what it must feel like to basically have this much power. Besides, I always complain about decision making and other banal things I'm sure after those three minutes I would really appreciate the simplicity of my life, and how careless I can live it. ;)

Happy Wishful Wednesday.

So, now hop on over to Kelsey's blog and look for other great bloggers, or hey, participate! :)



Juliana said...

Selma-Good choice. I would have a major panic attack the first three SECONDS in his head. I always wonder what information they know and how they sleep at all. But, he is always so calm!!!

Neely said...

I was going to choose him but then I realized I dont want that kind of stress. I agree I think we judge before we know what kind of situation it must be to have that kind of stress. I love your blog and We have the exact same taste in music! I am a new follower :)

Nicole said...

Interesting choice! I can only imagine all the crazyness that man has to deal with!

New follower!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Any politician's life would be so intriguing, so could me in!

Deliverable Designs said...

Can you imagine everything he has to deal with during a three min time period! Cute blog, I found you through Kelsey!


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