January 22, 2010

Friday Funny

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

Kelly over at Keeping Up With Kelly & Co. is hosting this Friday Funny and I think it's a great way to end the week and start the so-called weekend. As for me, my weekend's just about to end and my week's about to start so it's all upside down which drives me nuts but hey, am I complaining? Sure. So not!

Basically it's a way to tell/show something funny/weird we encountered this past week...just to make this Friday go by faster and make it just funny. Ok, I can't come up with any other word than "funny". Let's face it, we all need FUN in our lives no matter what...and whether or not we like it we should be finding fun in pretty much everything we come across.

Easier said than done. Seriously. My week sucked and I can't come up with something funny. I haven't even received funny emails that would cheer me up or/and would be worth sharing. I haven't even experienced anything funny.... Do you see how lame and sad my life is?!  *and now you should be hearing me cry like a little baby!!!*
So I almost didn't want to participate even though I wanted to and thought it was just a very good way to enjoy any Friday! But how in the world can I ever participate when nothing funny in my life happens? Not even some fun email or status update on facebook or whatever?! I wondered. So I decided to sit back and watch TV. Commercials are always fun. My favorite just appeared. Yay! So, why not share this one?! And while I'm already on it...why not look for the longer, extended version hardly ever shown on TV or in the movie theaters?! And yes, I found it!!! Woohoo....
...after watching it, you may think I'm a total weirdo but I love this. :) Not to mention my addiction to coffee. Not particularly addicted to this coffee brand, but it's ok. Drinkable. But this extended version was fun. Yes, the subtitles are German...so you can learn something, too. ;) That's what the title says anyhow...learn English with commercials... Oh, and well, the quality I think could be better but I'm still gonna share it with ya. ;) It's Heaven!!! ;-)   And for those of you who've seen this already I apologize...lame weeks suck and I couldn't come up with anything else...but I promise to find funny/weird things next time...so let's all hope next week's going to be filled with more fun stuff!

Have a heavenly Friday!



Kelly said...

I can't view videos at work, so I will DEFINITELY check it out at home! Thanks for participating even though your week has been kind of lame... and doubley sorry that your work week is just starting :-( Here's to it going quickly until your next break and having the sun shining too! :-)

Juliana said...

ELLEN just had some REALLY funny commercials on her show yesterday. I hope you have a great weekend and I am sure there area lot of funny things in your life that you are missing. I do need a bigger butt-I have a 13 year old butt and the boobs of a barbie. I am not joking 95 pounds soaking white, no butt barbie....I need to transfer some weight to other places ha ha

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

ugh! so sorry you have to work on the weekend! sucky :(. hope you find some time to squeeze in some fun though!


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