January 17, 2010

Kiss. Kuss. Kiss. Kuss.

In about four weeks Valentine's Day is going to be here. I can't believe it. I won't believe it. It's not something I celebrate (I might if things were different), and I don't like the fact that this so-called holiday is purely "celebrated" to earn money. The flower and card industry love us. We might love them, too. Oh, I won't deny the fact that I  absolutely love pink, hearts, and cute little other things that go along with this day. I have a pair of PJ pants with lots of red and pink hearts on them. I wear those right there and then. haha! Yes, I'm a dork. Can't help it. Valentine's Day is also my dear friend K's wedding day, or basically now her sixth and seventh wedding anniversary! Don't ask why I used two numbers. It's just that. And on this day some people do celebrate their birthdays as well...to me it's a regular day, just a bit more flowery and pink. ;)
So to sort of 'honor' that day...I found the following pictures...it's quite interesting how much you do online when stuck at home being sick and all. It's funny how much goes through our minds, and how much I wanted to do while I just didn't feel right. But to make this quick and easy...here are the pictures... See a common theme here?! The title says it all. ;)


all images vis We Heart It!

Have an amazing day.
I love these pictures!
I'm so gonna cry right now.



my name is lauren. said...

i love all these romantic kissy face pictures!

Katie said...

don't cry! If nothing else v-day is an excuse to eat a bunch of candy!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think the holidays just keep sneaking up on me everytime!!!

Amber said...

Love these pictures! So dreamy. XOXO


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