January 29, 2010


Ok, it's Friday...and it's time to do some things today.
I stayed home all day yesterday and enjoyed not doing one bit at all.
Granted, I was bored! But it was okay. I caught up on Heroes Season 3, on some blogs, tried to change my layout and failed big time, tried to clean my room and failed a second time, tried to work out and failed miserably due to the cold air coming in...and literally went back to bed every time my attempt to do something fun or new failed. Needless to say I slept a lot. Maybe it was needed. Kinda scared me, because sleeping all the time can be fun but it also is a sign my body's exhausted...maybe more than just exhausted.

So, anyways...I woke up today, and found an interesting youtube video in my mailbox. I wanted to share this with ya. That's about it. :)  At least for right now.
Who knows...I might be in the mood for some blogging today...we shall see...

Have fun watching the entire video...kinda interesting.


1 comment :

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Hope you're about to get out this weekend!


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