January 2, 2010

What happens...

...when two girls - one year and two days apart by age - chat for about two hours? Have I mentioned these two girls are pretty much alike when it comes to taste in music, color, fun, and all?! Yes?! No?! Yes, very alike. They don't look anything alike and one tends to dress up occasionally and loves the Los Angeles area, whereas the other one loves football and comes from the south. Though besides that, what happens when two girls share the same interests, are bored, and procrastinating daily things like taking out the trash, paying bills, and walking the dog, or let's say ignoring the fact that one is actually at work?!

Lots of fun conversations happen!!!

And they end in "let's meet for New Year's in Hawaii or in San Francisco!", and "how about you fly over here in April and we then drive down to Savannah, and then to Florida. We can then drive west and definitely stop in Selma, Alabama, make a longer stop in Louisiana, and then slowly head up north to the coast again." 

Yes, that's what happened today. Tonight actually. And yes, at work.
I had a moment to literally take a break, and well, I took one. Longer than I expected.
Don't get me wrong. I worked. Hard. And then when it was over, I couldn't simply go home. I had to wait. For four more hours. My butt went numb. But I decided to go online and check my yahoo and saw my friend online. "Oh bummer, I can't chat here!", was my initial thought. Then I clicked on her name, and wow, magic...it worked. So I said hello, and she replied, and then it kinda went on and on and on...in the mean time I printed out things for work, sold stuff, finished everything so the night shift was happy and not complaining...and wow, I was still "talking" to my friend. For pretty much a long time...long enough to tell her "I gotta go, my time to walk home now!". So we said good night/good afternoon, and ten minutes later I headed home.

Happy 2010!!!

Thanks for this wonderful, insightful and so supportive chat!
I needed this.

I'm ready to go to bed now.



Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

A good break wouldn't hurt anyone, right??!?! :)

Amber said...

If you ever do make it to Louisiana you HAVE to let me know, mmkay? Promise?

I love unexpected, much needed convos with good friends!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've had convos like that while being at work! I think it sounds like a good plan. Take a vacation, get out of town and be on an endless vacation....oh wait that's my dream.

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

chats with friends can be so refreshing and happy! :)

Katinka said...

awesome post :) Happy new Year to you too!

Sara said...

love you! x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! i love the 2nd picture. it screams vacation :)

and the coffee mug is cute!

have a great week.


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