January 18, 2010


Woohoo. I feel blessed.
Tinka over at Germarican, the life of a German girl who fell in love with an American boy gave me this fabulous award. My first this year! :D Thanks a lot girl.And if you haven't checked her blog out, head on over! :D

And since I've got nothing better to do...

The rules are I have to tell you 10 fabulous things about me. I then pass it forward to other lady bloggers I admire. 
And yes, that's gonna be a toughy.

For a while now I have been giving out clues about what I like or dislike or live with or whatever...so this is going to be tricky. And, a while back, when I reached 20 lovely followers I decided to do a little list, too, and then sort of said when I get 100 I will do one with 100 little clues about me. Oh boy. Don't want to repeat myself on these...so I have to work on getting to know me better until then. YES. ;) So stay tuned.

But let me begin now...

1. I can't stand liver. I know it's supposed to be good and apparently healthy but I can't stand it.

2. Polka Dots are my favorites...in any kind of color (of course I'd prefer purple and pink).

3. In elementary school I got punished for speaking too much. :-(  As a punishment I had to learn poems and present them the following day. This was never an easy task, but good practice for my non-existing film career. ;-)

4. When I read, I live for that book and with that book. I'm in there, and whatever happens touches me and makes me cry like a baby.

5. I feel pretty lonely sometimes. More so now than years ago. However, and this may sound pathetic, the internet is a good enthusiasm booster!!!

6. I love snail mail and little things sent to me. Especially when I don't expect anything...and woohoo there's this envelope or box waiting for me and making me open it and wow!!!! The crappiest day automatically becomes the best day ever!!

7. Can't get enough of new words. Whether I know them or not, once I hear a word I hadn't used/heard/read in months or years I'm going to be stuck with this word for the next couple of weeks. Sort of like songs you can't get out of your head...it's words for me, too. :) Can be quite interesting. And annoying. ;)
Oh, and this happens in any language. And this drives people insane. They can't stand me when this happens. Oops! :(

8. I'm pathetically and annoyingly irritated by my co-worker. Luckily I don't have to work WITH her (at the same time) but still see her for maybe maximum ten minutes when our shifts collide. Can't stand that either. This has gotten so bad I even got sick because of her. But oh well...

9. As much as I would like to deny it, I think I like my Twitter account. Still haven't figured it out yet, but I think it's really kind of fun! ;)

10. Blogging has become my new daily drug. Not that I'm obsessed, or any good, but it's what I like doing. It's what keeps me going and looking forward to fun reads and pictures. It shows there is hope for me...my summer/winter/whatever misery will come to an end (thanks to writing I think) and I will have this blog of mine to prove it. Ok, this didn't make any sense...it's just blogging has become my "therapist". LOL
I love my blog, and all my blog friends. Thanks! xoxoxoxo

For more answers to this award...click here!

So, and now I'm passing this one on to...

...and so many others...reason I'm not listing anyone else is this...as much as I love all of you I've already given this award to so many fabulous people before and to those I want to give it to they already received it (maybe even multiple times). We all deserve this award...so I decided to give it only to five great bloggers. Check them out. That is, if you haven't already.

Oh, and if you aren't on this list...don't feel bad. You still deserve this award because you're still a wonderful, and sweet person, with lots to say and share and you definitely make my day. If you aren't on that list, and still feel like doing this or listing things or whatever...you've got my blessings to do so. :)

Yes, you do!

Happy Monday everyone.

New week, new everything!
I'm so exhausted it's not even funny. Good th
Publish Post
ing my shift's over soon...so I can go home, take a nap, and maybe find some cool pictures to brighten up my day. Or I'll catch up on the Globes. Couldn't watch due to the time distance, and the fact that I was asleep.  :-(
But tonight I can watch Desperate Housewives again! YAY! Oops...yes, it's one of my guilty pleasures! ;)



Katinka said...

:) xoxo big hug and HAPPY MONDAY :) have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying twitter! It's always fun to tweet! Congrats on the award.

Michelle Schraudner said...

yay congrats doll!

Katie said...

I love snail mail too! I always check our mailbox but there is always just junk mail!

Caroline said...

Congrats!!! I love your list... and I love new words as well!!! Thank you for the award it means a lot... I love your dear blog and agree blogging is incredibly special because of all the wonderful people you get to connect with daily!! Much love and thanks!! xo

Nicole Marie said...

i've never had liver but i imagine it would be disgusting

Mara said...

I love polka dots! They're my favorite too! Hope you're enjoying your day!

Sam said...

Congrats on the award! And thank you for giving it to me! I'm so flattered -- I'll have to give it its own post sometime this week! :)

Jen Kucsak said...

CONGRATS!! Thanks so much for giving this to me! Love the list too :)

Unknown said...

I realized that I read this and totally forgot to comment! Thank you so much for the award, you're so sweet, Selma.

Jessi said...

So, I feel like the biggest jerk of all time for forgetting about your award... THANK YOU, doll!!!! I just received it from another bloggy buddy, and it reminded me that you passed it on to me ages ago... I will post this tomorrow, I promise!!!!

xoxo J


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