September 24, 2010

Friday Funny

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

Ok, it's been a while I shared some fun stuff I came across during one week. You'd think a week's long (and yes it is if you look at it - in seven days so much can happen and so much can change your life!) but sometimes I just failed to notice the fun parts in my daily mundane life. This week though I somewhat tried to look at it from a different perspective. I had three days off, all in one row and just knowing I would have this made my whole body and mind smile. Sounds weird but is true. So, anyways...on my way to a different city (so I could go shopping and eating and having a day off away from this town!) I read the newspaper and came across something I just knew I had to share. 
Before I show it to you please keep an open mind and don't judge. This is not shown or done to offend anyone at all. It's mainly for pure pleasure and some occasional laughs. Trust me, I had to laugh, because some things are so true and some are slightly true but could be and just made sense. Very funny, and just very unique. Wish there were more of these...

Right now I live in the land called BANK. ;)

And the following is how Europe looks like or is divided according to the US:

all pictures *and more* by Yanko Tsvetkov

Again, this was not meant to offend anyone. I just thought it was funny...there are lots of other maps on his site and one made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. Ha, yes. Then again, it may only make sense to me or some others that know some details about other European countries...but it just made my day. :)

And yes, can you believe it's already Friday?! Impossible.
Time sure flies.

A year ago I was in Istanbul celebrating...two of my friends getting married and I had the best time ever with family and friends. Time does fly and it doesn't wait for us to make our moves it just does its own moves.
So, with a year having passed by and me trying to find ways to's a pic of me on my friend's wedding day. Look at my hair!!!!!! How awful is that?! I didn't want that, but the hairdresser thought it was oh-so-chic. Yeah right. I look like 20 years older!!! 
I tried to make it look better but it's still blurry...then I used my cousin's pic and it's all weirdly stretched...oh well. At least you get the picture! Ha!

And this is what my day today, thanks to Krystal. She mentioned this link and I had to watch *yes I did* and it made me smile. :) Thanks girl.

Have a fabulous Friday.
I'm going to look for another job, find a school so I can continue my constant urge to learn more (even at my age!), find a cheap flight to Los Angeles, ways to make New Year's Eve 2010 amazing, and well...basically, if all fails I'm gonna watch TV and be a real couch potato. Besides, two books are waiting to get finished this weekend so I need to hurry up. My eyes already hurt just by knowing they'll be used quite a lot today!


♥ Selma ♥


samnhal said...

hahaha! I loved this! Godfathers, smelly people. Loved it! No offense taken here, it's harder than that to offend me, they should do a us one from a European perspective, that would be awesome.

Swissy said...

lololol, I saw those maps in the newspapers y'day. Thought it was so funny.
Hey,you look great in this pic.I like the hair, it's elegant and nice and suits you well.
Have a nice evening (it's raining..bleh).

Kelly said...

Hahahahaha, those maps made me smile and laugh, so good :-D Interesting that the others maps probably make SO much sense to the other countries, yet I don't get it. Isn't that interesting?

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, Selma!! :-)

Jess said...

Those are too funny! Is it bad that I think that they might actually help me learn my geography better? Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Those maps are too funny! That's great that you're going to try to come to LA!

Krystal said...

"cash" love it :)
and was that the marcel link??? it's too cute huh!


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