September 10, 2010

Have A Little Faith

...we come upon a small house with a life-sized nativity scene on its front lawn.
We stop. We study the figures. The wise men. The animals.
Is that Jesus? I ask.
What one?
The one standing up. With the crown.
I think that's his father.
Is Jesus the other guy?
Jesus is the baby.
In the crib, stupid.

We strain our necks. You can't see Jesus from the sidewalk.

I'm gonna look, my friend says.
You better not.
You can get in trouble.

I don't know why I say this...if your Jewish, you're not supposed to talk about Jesus
or maybe even look at Jesus.

I'm looking anyhow, my friend says.
I step in nervously behind him.

...Up close the figures of the three wise men seem phony, hardened plaster with orangey painted flesh.
That's him, my friend says.
I peer over his shoulder. There, inside the crib, is the baby Jesus, lying in painted hay. I shiver. I half expect him to open his eyes and yell "Gotcha!"
by Mitch Albom in "half a little faith"

One my way to see my friend I had time to read some lines. The above mentioned ones just made me laugh, look outside the train window and have a fantastic moment...even for a short while...but it was fun!

It's little things that make life fantastic in any kind of way of fantastic (because ya know, there are plenty of versions out there!). And it sort of made me look forward to Christmas. However, don't want to see Christmas decoration yet. I'm ready for fall. :) Or late summer. ha. ;)


♥ Selma ♥


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha yeah, it's a smidge too early for Christmas!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I love Mitch A-

Great author.


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