September 9, 2010

Hello Sun

Rain's gone.

I had an awful day was horrible at some point.
I had to watch my pretty language...little 5'2'' me was about to use some pretty ugly words in front of a customer but my urge to stay professional was stronger and I kept my mouth shut and used the proper language. I'm proud of myself. The customer crossed a very thick-marked line and that fast and ugly and me being the translator and helper at once just had enough after a while because when treated badly without being the bad person or the one at fault automatically pisses me off. But again, I stayed nice and proper. I got louder and more direct but stayed professional. *add a super huge smile to that*
We had to call our boss and he tried to settle things, with me next to him *so just in case he needed a translator I'd be standing right there like a little puppy* He failed, they started yelling and pointing fingers, getting real loud and nasty and he told them to leave the property immediately otherwise we'd have to call the police. That's when things got worse...the yelling and screaming but luckily just that made them look bad, and little me stood up and worked hard on my acting and showed some bossy attitude with proper and intense words so then they realized I'm stronger and not at fault, and on the right side of that precise conversation. They left because my fingers showed them where the door was. After that, we were relieved but still annoyed. The day wasn't over. Customers weren't the bad ones last night...the spiders were. Killed at least four of them. Literally lost count. Not just tiny ones but huge ones...and it scared me like nothing before. Where the hell do they come from?! And why are they trying to scare us so badly?! Hello?! We do not like those ugly eight-legged creatures...and especially not when their bodies are humongous and just very gross and yucky!

Enough said...Wednesday was not a nice day.
Thursday...way better! Lots of sunshine on my way back home. Lots of it. :) 

And tomorrow?
We shall see!!!
Oh yeah...will be working again and then heading to the movies!!


♥ Selma ♥


Kristin said...

Ugh lady. You deserve a GOOD day today!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope tomorrow is better!!

samnhal said...

Oh my goodness, some people. How can you act like that? Seriously, have some decency. Acting like an idoit only makes you look like an idiot. The spiders seem to be out in full force lately. There were 4, yeah that's right, 4 in my bathroom a few nights ago. in my tiny bathroom, 4 of them. Ick.


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