September 4, 2010

New Morning

I'm still sort of dealing with summer misery aka fall misery aka quarter-life crisis and sometimes music brings this all out again, especially when I want to forget it and push it back.
The following are two songs that brings it all out again. Plus, to me they are perfect fall songs...especially when walking to work early in the morning. There's nothing more beautiful than an early morning filled with lots of fog, cold air, colored leaves, and no one else on the street...and yes, music! :)

Sadly the second video doesn't have a real clip to it. Just so...and I'm sure you got it all right. I love the Last Song's Soundtrack! YAY!

Happy Saturday!!!! :)

♥ Selma ♥


Jen Kucsak said...

Just gave you a blog award!

Krystal said...

thanks for posting these songs, they are so good!!!

JMay said...

Really enjoyed these songs, just downloaded the 2nd one on Itunes :-)


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