September 11, 2010

No title this time...oh wait...yes, there's one

We all know what date today is.
I won't go into details. Let's leave it at this. Don't forget to remember though.

The following pictures are long overdo...didn't forget just didn't feel like posting until I realized I should because my blog's about my daily/weekly adventures, or misadventures, happy and sad moments...just like a little diary I love to go back to and read again. And trust me, I do read my posts from last year sometimes...quite depressing at times. But again, it's life and life's not always sunny and bright. are the pictures...

my favorite "thing" in the city. ;)
I always go by and say hi. ;)
weird new creature in town
I may look pregnant, but I'm not.
I had like three layers on that day...yes, the sun was out but it was freezing cold.
Even for August!!!
Cute piggies along the way...not sure why they're out there but they're cute.

My three days in Freiburg, Germany were lovely.
The weather was not so lovely at times, but fall was seen and felt.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!
Any fun things planned?!

♥ Selma ♥


Swissy said...

yeah, I know what day it is today: it's me and my hubby's (wedding) anniversary ;P
but I know what you mean of course.

hey, nice pics girl.

Today it's beaaauuutiful outside but in the morning it wasn't. I had a migraine this morning, :( horrible.

Have a nice weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love the pictures!!!!

Dree said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit Germany.


Elle Sees said...

i did! and it will be posted in the morn!

Jess said...

Great pics! That garden is especially beautiful. I love flowers!!

samnhal said...

I'm so glad that you posted these. It seemed like some of them I didn't see on Facebook. I love how green and pretty it is there. It makes me want to have 3 days in Germany.


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