September 19, 2010


The new season definitely started. Fall got this beauty to it I can't even put into words. Its obvious cold winds, and foggy mornings are as beautiful as its sunny and warm afternoons. When it rains it's just pure ugly. We can't change the rain but we can change our attitude towards the nicer, warmer, and sunnier weather we're having right about now. New fall shoes that can only be worn when it's dry outside do the trick, too. I have to admit though that walking to work in the morning and seeing my breath already shocked me. To me this shouldn't happen at all up until maybe November. It happened last week though. Let's hope next week won't be as cold. It's that time of year again when you're not sure what to wear and how much to wear. In the morning it's so cold you want to bundle up. And in the afternoon after work it's warm and sunny (and almost hot in the sun!) and your jacket and shoes make it all so very uncomfortable. So, what do you do?! Yes, you try hard to still bundle up in the morning with a thick scarf, a thinner jacket and cute shoes...maybe freeze a little while walking to work, but then in the afternoon you know why you went through all of this. It feels a lot better not to carry your jacket now, or to have a second pair of shoes with you. Trust me, I've been carrying a lot around lately as if I went shopping every day. Too bad I didn't. ;)
If you were wondering why I walk to work...I'm a green girl. :) I love to walk. I don't have my driver's license anymore therefore I don't drive. Over here I have driven a car once or twice but it never really made sense. Besides, streets are way too narrow over here - even after these few years being back I get a bit claustrophobic when it comes to these streets and highways. Way too narrow for my taste! *yes, I'm the eight-lane-freeway girl* Going back to my walking...I never had a car here and if I stay here I think I won't ever get close to getting one. Public transportation is incredibly good and well-organized so there is no need for an extra vehicle. Besides, I save a ton of money on gas, insurance, maintenance, you name it. So, I'm kinda glad I decided to do this. Plus yes, if you haven't noticed I care a lot about the environment. I hardly (or ever) talk about it but I simply car. I reuse, recycle (and that can be a whole other story), safe energy, water, and do a lot more to protect this beautiful planet. I'm sure not even my mom or friends are aware of how much I do. I never felt to write about it, and even now I don't feel like doing so but thought I'd mention it slightly.  

And yes, let me walk to work again today...and then read a book during my 30-minute break. Yes, I get a break. It's all new. The downside to it though is that this specific break starts an hour after my arrival. Whoever came up with this ridiculous idea is a total moron. Sorry but true. Then again, what do I care?! Only one more month and I am free (and I will be incredibly relieved, sad, and terrified at once!). So, let me grab my book and head onto work. :)

Happy Sunday everyone.

♥ Selma ♥

P.s. I'm so glad my internet is working again. Not sure what the deal was...but I'm back. And yes, I'm kinda addicted to twitter now. Whoops! But I had to share my mom wanting to go to NYC. How amazing is this?!


Courtney said...

<3 autumn.
so much.
there's nothing quote like it :)

jackie said...

Cute blog! I hear you about not knowing how to dress in this weather. Every morning I somewhat bundle my son up for school. By lunchtime, I'm regretting that I did.

Kristin said...

How about doing a live greener post for us? I'm always looking for new ways to be better about that!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Glad your internet is back on!

Elle Sees said...

it is anything but fall here...yeesh. i'm trying to be more green, but i have to drive to my job. walking sounds lovely though.

samnhal said...

I like your tweets. Isn't that what they're called? haha! I wish I could walk to work or take mass transit, but I need my car for work so boo. I'm glad we have recycling where we live now, we definitely try and use it as much as we can.


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