September 30, 2010

NYC and hot chocolate...perfect September combo

I'm ending September with flashbacks of NYC, hot chocolate and a very warm blanket.
It sort of drizzled today, stayed foggy-looking all day long, and well my passport picture makes me look like an old sleep deprived lady who's on crack. I meant to change it, but instead of "Yes, please let's take another picture" I said "It's okay". Go figure. So, with that very wonderful picture of mine I get to travel for the next ten years. Just awesome!!! *insert heavy sarcasm please*

And since I can't upload any pictures today...just imagine an awesome picture of New York's fabulous skyline or streets filled with yellow cars and busy-looking people. Oh, and I would put in a cupcake picture, too. But as for right now I can't upload yeah. Wait, let's try again!!!

Well at least something came up, thanks to all those pictures I once posted...and are still stored on blogger/picasa/or whatever. ;) was nice having you!!!!
Hope you ended today with a blast!!!!


♥ Selma ♥


Krystal said...

new york will now forever be tied to alicia keys. oh my. happy october!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Ahhh good ol' New York! Gotta love it!


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