September 1, 2010


How I ended August and welcomed September...

♥  returned from a very nice three-day weekend and relaxed all afternoon on the couch
♥  watched The Time Traveler's Wife - loved it. The book's better but I still loved the movie.
♥  had hot chocolate with baby marshmallows
♥  took a hot bath in my favorite bath milk (yes, milk. Fig milk to be exact! - all good...)
♥  listened to the soundtrack of the The Last Song
♥  started reading a new book
♥  watched the sun set

Bring it on September!
So far, you've started quite perfectly.

I have a feeling this month is going to be a blast.
Hopefully the good vibes I'm getting right now guide me towards something beautiful.

Happy September everyone.
Have a fantastic day.

♥ Selma ♥


Kelly said...

I have yet to watch the movie Time Traveler's Wife but LOOOOVED the book! Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend, Selma! Here's to September being an awesome month for you :-D

Café Bellini said...

Sounds like a great start! Let's hope it's a good month (I wrote a slightly depressing post yesterday on August and summer ending...)

samnhal said...

Good vibes = good times. Lets hope anyway! a fig milk bath? How do you do that? Is it something that you buy? I loved the Time Traveler's wife, the movie anyway. I didn't like the book as much. A little too racy and full of swear words for me, still alright though. I really liked the movie a lot though. Come on September!

Krystal said...

YES THIS WEATHER IS AWESOME! well, i could use it a little warmer so that I could swim in the lake :( we went hiking today and everything - so fab :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love the soundtrack to the last song! It's good!

Jess said...

All of those sound lovely. I LOVE taking's probably number one on my list of fave ways to relax :) Hope September is good to you!!


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