September 21, 2010

Things I Learned

We all know life can be weird. If it wasn't it would be rather boring.
Life here in this part of the world can be just very weird and very expensive.
So here's what I've learned over the years (again!) :

Movie tickets go up in price on a Friday.
Luckily I had a gift certificate so technically I didn't pay anything...but I went to see a movie for the second time (hardly happens, but I loved the movie), and wow...didn't I pay less last time?! Yes, I'm sure I did. Going home I found my old ticket (yes, sometimes I keep them) and checked and yes, it was cheaper last time I went. Holy cow!!! Why?!

Swiss people are conceited and rude.
They have no respect whatsoever. *I had a customer push himself through people (and they were talking to me) and he pushed them aside and out of nowhere talked to me - of course I told him he needed to wait because a) I was talking to other people, b) it was obvious he had to wait and c) he wasn't blind, nor in danger or had a life threatening emergency that needed to be taken care of - he got pissed and said something like "those stupid ... can wait now. I'm more important, and stupid ... should move their fat ... aside because they don't know shit!"* funny how I could write shit but not write the rest he said... ;)
I'm 1/4 Swiss, so this does not apply to me. It so doesn't. I'd be appalled if it did.

Obviously, I also learned to watch my language.

A whole day at a hospitality industry fair is an amazing thing, especially when you don't have to pay  anything. Entry fee would have been CHF 25 which basically is $25 more or less, so yeah, I would never pay this much for a industry fair. Luckily I didn't have to, so I took advantage of all the fun things to drink, eat, drink, and eat...and drink. ;)

I have also learned that Saturdays suck big time even after being back for a few years now. I can't help but notice how disappointed people get when I have to tell them that stores close at 4pm on Saturdays and then reopen on Monday again. I won't get used to that. Ever.

Books are heaven. They open a new world of possibilities, opportunities and such...books inspire, change, and brighten people's days. Books are a great way to forget everything else. They are magical. A great way to escape craziness and find peace and tranquility.

I've also learned that no matter how awful my day was the sun itself is a warm gift. No matter how my day went, walking home and feeling the sun on my skin is a total blessing. :)

Most importantly I've learned that life's way too precious and beautiful to ruin it every single day with ridiculousness and absolute nonsense. It's not worth it. No matter how pathetic certain things are and how awful I'm being treated I'm trying real hard to find happiness in every single thing and moment that comes along. Today, it is the sun and songs and the possibility for me to start from scratch...somewhere, somehow!

I've learned that we need to embrace life.
Every single second!
It could be over in a second, too.

I've come to understand that friendships can last, no matter where we are and how long we've known each other. It's hard to find new friends though, and who said it would be easy anyways?!

And well, that's about it for today.
I've also learned I'm not 20 anymore and can't deal with stress, or odd working hours and not enough sleep. I need my beauty sleep of at least seven wonderfully calm hours. Hardly happens but once it does I'm super happy.

Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday!


♥ Selma ♥


samnhal said...

Making friends in real life is totally hard. Making friends from a blog is much easier. Why are people so much more open on a blog than in real life? I agree, a life is something too important to waste.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Going to the movies is so expensive nowadays!

Krystal said...

yes i can't believe the price of movie tix here! and some of the rude swiss ppl :( i haven't had too many bad experiences though so maybe i've gotten off lucky :)
hope you are doing well girl!


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