September 3, 2010

Friday...time to smile?! Maybe.

I'm trying real hard to stay positive, happy, energized...ya name it. Real hard.
One good thing...only six more weeks and I can call myself unemployed. Ok, this is not a good thing. I know. But I know one thing I'll be relieved. Scared like nothing ever before, but relieved. I've a good day at work today (which is good!!!), but this one day doesn't make all the bad days go away. 

So, in order to skip my usual Fill in the Blank Friday...I'm going for some smiles...hopefully.

Keeping Up With Kelly & Co

This week the main thing that made me smile and happy was that the sun decided to visit us again. Great fall weather has arrived so far and seems to linger a bit longer for us all. Can't and won't complain. :)

I finally got an email from my aunt in CA and it seems she will be around if I decide to visit her this fall or early winter. I'm still contemplating on whether or not I should visit California again. Don't get me wrong. You all know I love and miss it, daily. However, I don't drive anymore and being in southern California and not able to move "correctly" can and will be a little hassle. Either way, her email brightened my day. *although on a sad side note, a family friend died just recently passed and reading this today made my sad, real sad*

And well, the one "funny" thing this week is THIS designer. He might be now flattered that he found his way onto my blog. Yuck. However, look at him. Just look at him!!! I beg you to!!! It made me smile. Big time. Not sure if it was a nice smile or not, or a nice laugh or what, but it sure made me smile, laugh and just have a good time. I saw an interview today on TV and it was just...hilarious...his face did not move. At all. It looked like the one Ms Doubtfire had on or has on or whatever. Just very fake, just very unreal...and just so very gross. Sorry guys but that ain't my style. Nonetheless it found its way onto my blog and even though I'm not a fan I thought I had to share this with all of you.

Off I go to some well deserved TV time and then back to bed...I have early shifts this weekend meaning I need to get up at 5 am, get ready for work and leave by 6 so I get to experience some super cold morning, maybe some fog, and then lots of sunshine in the afternoon. Yay on the latter part.

Happy Friday to all of you.

Hope you have amazing things planned for the weekend!!!


♥ Selma ♥


Courtney said...

happy friday to you too!
i'm so glad ot be back to reading blogs :)
though i loved summer, i did miss you all :)

samnhal said...

Yeah, it would probably be harder to get around southern cali if you didn't drive. Unless you could find a job close enough to walk to take a bus to. Utah has horrible public transportation, but luckily it's getting a little bit better and they're connecting the major cities north and south of SLC. Maybe you could just like write down all of the places you're thinking of going and close your eyes and point to one and go!


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