October 21, 2010

Foggy Day

Taken at 8.45 am today. I was walking around this unknown town, and found myself gazing at this cloud of fog...in reality it looked even more stunning!!!

Cute mansion or is it somesort of castle?! Who knows. Just liked it, even in that haze.

Absolutely loved these leaves.

My early trip today was successful. My friend took her exams, probably passed them too (she'll know some time in November - how awful!!!), and I was walking around this town. Honestly though, I was a bit disappointed. Expected more of it and well, although it has beautiful houses, old alleys etc...something was missing. Not sure exactly what was missing but I just assumed it would be more vibrant?! Oh well, over all it was a great day...lots of sun, temperatures stayed in the higher 30s (yes, that cold!!!), and in the afternoon a weird trip in search of some Prosecco...you would have thought it was easy to find a cafe/bar that served some bubbly...not so much. The cafe/bar was difficult to find...so we ended up going to the grocery store and got us some bubbly there and drank that on the train. ;) Yes, we are allowed to drink on the train. And so we celebrated my friend's exam day. Very simple, and so not appropriate...so we're gonna do the nice version of bubbly drinking when she gets her results!!! :)

Happy Thursday everyone!!!
I'm so exhausted, and my feet are sore...so going to be early!!!


♥ Selma ♥


The SSS Sophisticate said...

How fun! What a cute town. Drinking on the train? Train rides would be so much better!

Elle Sees said...

incredible views today! lucky.

Krystal said...

there is that pretty fog =)=) and drinking on the trains is my favorite part here!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like such a cute town!!

this free bird said...

These pictures are just wonderful - really relaxing. I love the way the fog just settled in for the first few. Amazing!


Novelista Barista said...

very nice pictures :)

samnhal said...

Holy cow selma, those pictures are amazing. Truly stunning. You did such a good job taking them! That city looks beautiful to me.


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