October 23, 2010

October is slowly ending...

...and that means Halloween's approaching like crazy. I wish we had pumpkin patches over here, and more fall like weather so I would actually enjoy this time of year. But, I'm stuck at home today with my left foot up in the air and in pain. Not sure what happened, but it's what happens when temperatures drastically change and when I walk too much or too little or both or none of that. I remember in March I had the same problem, and now again in October. So I'm in pain, and can't walk. Just fantastic. Besides that, I'm in a funk and don't seem to get out of it today. So it's better I'm staying home and finding peace within than ruining everyone else's day. I wanted to go to Zurich (about 50 minutes north of here) to watch people freeze for a few minutes...today, around 3pm there's this freezemob thing going on in most major cities and I wanted to see it. However, it's good that I'm feeling so blaaaaahhhh today, so I'm staying home. I'm sure I'd ruin it for everyone if I went. :(

Tomorrow though I'm going to meet a friend for the last time. She's flying back home to Thailand on Tuesday after about six months in Europe. I'll miss our funny conversations, but will enjoy our dessert/coffee time tomorrow! Eating sweets is the best thing to end a weekend! :) And to say our good-bye's.

And for this rather gloomy October weekend...here's what I love about fall, and wish I would see more often!

all pics via tumblr

The last picture is pretty much how I'm feeling...sort of. ;)
I think I posted the same last year, not sure now, but I just love this one. Kinda cute! ;)

Hope you are having better plans for this weekend.
Can you believe that we have one week left of this month?!
I swear, time just goes by like nothing!!! Pretty scary these days.

Happy weekend everyone.

♥ Selma ♥


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

I can relate! But that last picture really made me laugh. Blech!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aw I'm sorry your friend is leaving you!

That last picture made me crack up =-)

JMO said...

I love that last photo! I love this time of the year but I hate knowing that winter weather is on it's way.

samnhal said...

That first picture is just gorgeous. I wish i could take photos like that. I love the fall and Halloween. I was so stoked to carve pumpkins. I wish I was feeling more costumey than I am, I can't seem to pull it together.


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