October 15, 2010



Let's hope this quote is true.
Exhausted, lonely, empty, but with a medium sized coffee cup walking my entire way home...all I could think of was "That's it. I'm done. And now?". It was weird walking out of there not knowing what comes next. It was weird looking at everything and quietly saying good-bye. I will return though because I need to turn in my keys and everything...and I still need to sign something too apparently (my cell rang twice when I got home, so I had to call back and see what the problem was. No biggie, but people make a big fuss about something that's so not important right now!). So let me relax, and heal...and find my path.

Happy Friday everyone.
I'm not in the mood for any Fill In activity nor Friday Funny fun.
Hopefully next week.
All I need now is to relax...officially Saturday and Sunday are my two days off so I'm going to enjoy my two days...with lots of sleep, and a bit more of sleep! And if I don't sleep I'm gonna try and catch up on much needed blog reading. :)

Have a fabulous weekend.

♥ Selma ♥


Swissy said...

Hey girl,wow you made it ;) I can imagine that it's such a weird feeling. But hey, you'll be fine.Now have some me-time and enjoy the weekend.
I've been so busy lately, it's crazy. But one more week and I'm off to Croatia, yayyyyy....
Take care!!

Mara said...

I totally agree that letting you go of the past allows something better to come along. It's been true for me before! Have a great weekend Selma! I hope you can get some extra sleep :)

Novelista Barista said...

i hope you have a better weekend :)

Jess said...

Hope your weekend is relaxing and re-energizing. Get lots of sleep!

samnhal said...

I think time to heal is a good idea. That just sounded like what you needed when i read that. Hopefully you can and you see how to be amazing and the path that opens up before you when you let the possibilities happen. I totally believe in that quote. Sometimes holding on to the past has made me miss new opportunities.


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