October 1, 2010

Friday!!!! Fill it all in, and have some fun

Ok, didn't know what kind of title to put there so there you go...a mixture of everything.
It's Friday, it's October 1st (ohmyohmy!), and it's my day off. I woke up to the smell of waffles, although there weren't any around me so that felt weird. I made coffee, had some, enjoyed some sunshine (barely visible...too much fog or clouds or a combo of both), and am now sitting again in front of my laptop. I have good reasons...one, I am going to find a flight that'll cheer me up (hopefully), and I want to catch up on my TV shows...yes I just said "my" TV shows. Not sure if these are good reasons, but who cares. I have no plans for today. I want to stay home and relax, take a bubble bath maybe, sleep some more, maybe do a home-facial or something...paint my nails, read a book or so...just be me at home doing nothing and still doing tons of things. But before all of this...here's Lauren's Fill in the Blank for today!!! Have fun.

1.   True happiness is     being and feeling  loved, appreciated, warm, and burden-free.

2.  The most surreal moment of my life was  /is  when I encounter deja-vu moments with scenes that could never have happened before but are happening right now. These make me dizzy and confused. Not sure if this counts as surreal though .

3.  My favorite texture is       tweed, and silk. And oh, smoothed wood that just calls for my attention!!! ;)

4.  My signature color is     black, gray and brown. Yes, not purple or pink and yes, not just one color! They match with everything and go with everything else; at any time.

5.  My signature style is    simple earrings, and a necklace that goes with my outfit. Sometimes a scarf too. Nothing too much though.

6.  If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be     ...not sure...just one?!  Not fair!! I think J. Crew then. It's got pretty much everything a girl needs or could need or whatever. Then again, I would never want to spend my life savings on just one store let alone spend my life savings on a store in general. ;) I love to mix and match from all different places, so this is quite a tricky blank to "answer".

7.  My best thing about autumn is      the layered clothing, and the warm drinks that come in handy now more than ever. However, fall over here kinda sucks and is mostly foggy, wet, and so not colorful...so I would say the layered clothing is the best!!! Keeps me warm.
For more fun, visit Lauren's blog and play along. :)
And for some fun moments...
Keeping Up With Kelly & Co
I didn't really come across anything that would brighten my week.
However, opening my reader today...first thing I saw was the following link...kinda made me smile. And that's what needed, every single day. No?! Yes!!!!

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday.
Can't believe it's October already.
I'm so behind everything. And yes, although I just started buying Christmas gifts I need to hurry up...what if I'm spending Christmas in California instead of Europe?! And then I would have to send all those boxes out before I leave because there's no way I'm going to take it all with me and send it from there. Way too complicated (maybe cheaper) but way too much to handle and think of. Crazy thinking today. And I still don't have a job to look forward to but am thinking about vacationing?! Someone please give me ideas or at least a doctor's number so I can go in and talk and get better?! Ha!

Happy October 1st!!!!


♥ Selma ♥


Sarah said...

ha ha good choice on the store. I'd totally be content with spending the rest of my life in J. Crew too!


allison said...

i love layering clothes, and definitely indulge in that.

i hadn't thought of jcrew for that blank. i hated having to chose one store too :)

(thanks for stopping by my blog!)


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