October 10, 2010

Attempt Numero 438

Ok, let's see if this works.
For the past few days I've had troubles uploading pictures and it literally drove me insane.
I know what the problem was, and while I was trying to fix it I also quite failed at that attempt.
Nonetheless, I hope I found another way to post a picture I would like to share or at least post on here.

It's nothing special, but it's a cute little October collage I once put together and now tried to share and wow...this silly, very simple task, too me days. Insane. Maybe I'm just getting old and forget how easy internet steps work?! Who knows.

So, here's to October being a wonderful month.
It's been quite foggy for the past few days here in the city and it's just plain ugly. Granted, walking to work in the morning and feeling like Sherlock Holmes back in the day...is just super awesome! However, I'd rather have some sunshine and blue sky. Really. Living in the city sucks these days. My lungs won't like it. :( But that's another story.

Hope you've been having a fantabulous weekend!!!!

♥ Selma ♥
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Meghan said...

I adore the collage - especially the Starbucks pic!

angela.kolachny said...

I agree! I love the starbucks pic! How cute are the pumpkins lined up on the steps, good job! thanks for the comments on my blog and facebook girl:o) you're the best!

Unknown said...

I love fall! It's just such a great feeling to me to see the wet leaves all over the road and sidewalks and to crunch them when I walk. I love seeing people's Halloween decorations up. It makes me happy.

k said...

I love it! It's def fall...


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