October 20, 2010

It's way too early right now...but...

Good morning!
It's freakin' early.
I'll have a busy and weird day ahead of me.
Starting with a train ride very early in the morning. So early Starbuck's not even open yet.
My camera, book, and iPod in tow...money too, and my friend S. next to me.
It's going to be her special day with two major exams ahead of her.
Those tests won't take long but they're illogically scheduled.
In order to enjoy the day in a new city (with hopefully NO fog), I decided to join her and explore a new area.
It's going to be in the same country but will make us believe we're somewhere in France.
Yes, we're heading to the French part, and yes, it's going to be oh-so-chic. Or not.
Am I ready?! Who cares.
Is she ready?! I sure hope so, because I want her to pass.

Happy Thursday everyone.
Keep your fingers crossed so S. will ace those very important tests!!

So gonna miss my Starbucks coffee.
And no, the city we're heading to does not have such a coffee house...yup.
Who cares, right?! I sure don't care at all.
It's all about the adventure.



♥ Selma ♥


Sam said...

Wow. That is EARLY if Starbucks isn't even open yet. Yikes.

Hope you have an awesome day, and find some time to squeeze in a little coffee break! :)

Good luck to S on her tests!

samnhal said...

Maybe you can find a chic little french coffee house that is yummy like starbucks. Have you been to the french part before? Oh man, I'm so jealous. Good luck to your friend.

Elle Sees said...

taking a trip when no one is on the road is one of my favorite things.


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