October 25, 2010

This is Me

Of course it's not! I wish though.
However, my profile picture on some network thingy on this world wide web has this shown as me. And I love it. I think every year I choose something else to remind people how much I adore this time of year. Not just Halloween but the fact that pumpkins are around. They're cute! Ok, at least I think so. :) 
Anyways, I'm digressing here...didn't mean to.

As my crazy random post earlier today said I'm going nuts.
I was able to relax though...at my dental lady's today for like 30 minutes, and at home (after I got soaking wet thanks to the rain - and yes I did have an umbrella) watching 500 Days of Summer. :) Love the movie, and it brings back good memories. :) And apparently I can't stop using smiley faces on this post...so I better stop now. :) :) See?!

Off I go...have a fab rest of the day, wherever you are.
I'm gonna light up my pumpkins and candles. Woohoo.


♥ Selma ♥


JMO said...

Such a cute photo!! Love it!

samnhal said...

It's a good thing that we didn;t put candles in our pumpkins because it hard core rained the rest of the weekend after we carved them. That pictures is So cute.

The SSS Sophisticate said...

Love that picture! I am so excited for Halloween, but can't believe it's going to be November!

Krystal said...

glad you are smiling!! =) do they do halloween here? like dress up and trick or treat?


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