October 26, 2010

Controversial and Sorry

Tuesday, all sunny and I'm literally stuck at home. Then again I feel like the laziest person ever...I should definitely work on this and get my butt moving!!! I blame it on my forgetting to set the alarm and waking up at 11! Whoopsy!!

And I just found this picture...I just love fall...when it looks like this!!! 

On another note:

Controversial topics are my favorites.
There, I said it. Ok, I wrote it.
It makes a conversation less boring and keeps it going...practically, there's no end to any controversial issue. Love it. So much fun. SO much pain, too. ;)

Reason why I'm quickly mentioning this is just one thing...in my city, there's this three-day thing going where people hand out condoms. Yes, you read right. To top it all, the guy that is in charge of this and also hands out those condoms is someone representing the Catholic church, and we all know (and if not now you do) the Catholic church is against condoms. That's the simple and easy way to say this. Whether or not you agree, or whether or not I agree (again, not going into topics like this because my blog's more about random stuff than political, religious and what not stuff) I think this is funny. People wrote posts and articles about this, called the the police, called the church, called whoever may help them get rid of this guy and his people. What amazes and amuses me is that the guy handing out condoms is representing the church. So, get over it! And, main reason he is doing this is... safe sex, and mainly Aids. So my question to this now is?! Who's at fault here? Is he doing a right thing or a wrong thing?!
My opinion? He's absolutely right to do this. He doesn't do it to upset anyone, he does it to make people, especially young teenagers and also adults, remember and aware of that this is an issue we should never forget and ignore. It's also something we should talk about, freely. We shouldn't be ashamed of it either. People easily forget. People easily ignore. And this topic is important. Very important. It takes just one person to forget and ignore and then have thousands infected. It takes one to laugh at it and have hundreds infected. Just one. And one is one too many. 

Having grown up in a so-called free world of belief (long very twisted story, and so very my family and environment) I believe that people shouldn't point their fingers and stick to what the church says because the church is not always right. To add some spice to it...haha...usually, the church is wrong. Especially this one. I'm disgusted at times. But that's another story I won't get into (and unfortunately or maybe fortunately I officially grew up Catholic!). I should but will keep my mouth shut. For now that is. Those that do believe in whatever the church tells us to do and all...so be it, but think twice before you call the police on a guy that simply hands out condoms to young people to make sure they use it and remember that just one mistake can lead them and others to an illness we are all aware of but tend to ignore. Or, does the church say "go out, have sex, get sick, and spread it so we all die soon!!??" Sorry, but I had to say it!

Ok, I'm feeling better now!

Sorry if this was a post that upset you or made you angry.
Don't hate me for what I wrote. Please don't.
It's me and my thoughts. And well, I needed to write it out.
Again, I quote myself over and over again, but writing does help and in this case it did its job quite well. 

On a much happier note...I'm practically done with Christmas shopping, am wrapping up gifts, and will have them sent out by mid November I think. Not earlier otherwise it may just be a Thanksgiving gift rather than  a Christmas gift. And well, today for the first time in weeks I felt okay with who I am. Sounds good, huh? I'm okay with the fact that my life's a total disaster right now. :) But I'm also determined to fix this and that soon!!! In one month things may already be changing for me. Wow!!!

Have a fantastic day.

I promise a cute post some time soon... after all, my favorite day will be this Sunday!!! :)

♥ Selma ♥


Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

That picture is awesome! I love fall too. But sadly here in Seattle its rainy and cold. Not the fall I like...

samnhal said...

That house is amazing. I totally want ivy on my house, except that I've heard it can be really bad for your house and can get into nooks and crannies and crack stuff, so maybe not. People are allowed to believe whatever they want! and are allowed to talk about what they believe, even if everyone doesn't agree. Seriously, calling the cops? How funny. You should share some of your ideas about Christmas, I'm drawing a blank this year!

Krystal said...

I'm all about free condoms! And as much as "abstinence" is preached, it's not practical at all, the majority will never practice it, so this is definitely the next best thing! I mean, studies have show this!!
I can't believe you are done christmas shopping!


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