October 27, 2010

Let's Get Clean

So, bathrooms are my second favorites when it comes to rooms in the house, or my very favorite when I enter a hotel room. I like big wide spaces that allow me to walk through not hitting myself on my way to the bathtub or shower. I like those I can dance in, or at least twirl around...just big enough so I don't feel trapped. Lots of light is important, if possible lots of real light because when putting make-up on, fake light coming from expensive light bulbs isn't helping....outside it all looks so shockingly awful. So, here's a few bathrooms I came across I felt like sharing with you all.
My favorite kind? The last two ones...without the Christmas tree of course!
I love Christmas, but sorry, I don't want a freakin' tree in my bathroom...that's way toooooooo much.

Apparently pink in the bathroom is absolutely cool! Hmmm...

Love the screens in here...

And yes, I wouldn't mind having a fireplace in my bathroom...very cozy...yes.

The following one is a very nice one...very bright...very clean-looking, too.

Well, not sure if this goes as a bathroom because to me it looks like a spa area...but having a pool-like tub is something I wouldn't mind having either...with a view like that of course!!!

Lots of space! Just not enough light!

And here we go...the Christmas tree bathroom...

...and the one I'd love to have mainly because it's so bright in there!!!

all pics via google images

I can't believe I put so many bathroom on this post.
Can you see how obsessed I am?! I need serious help.

On another note...it's just plain gorgeous outside. That's what I call fall.
Lots of sunshine, blue sky, dry streets (I hate when it rains during fall), and cold temps. I wish it was a tiny bit warmer so I wouldn't have to wear my fall/winter jacket with gloves, but it's okay. Fall to me is the season I could wear my hoodies only, and maybe a scarf...but still be able to wear flats or girlie shoes. ;) Hmmm...this reminds me now...I should fight this cold weather and just go for the girlie look. Maybe it'll help and temperatures go up faster!!!

Have a fab day.

♥ Selma ♥


monica said...

those are some insane bathrooms!!


Breakfast At Toast said...

Crazy (but fun) bathrooms. I would love a tub and a TV. That is all.

Thanks for leaving such sweet comments about my photos. I miss New York SO MUCH.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love Christmas and I love trees but I wouldn't want a tree like that in my bathroom either!

samnhal said...

Christmas trees AND carpet in the bathroom. That's a deal breaker ladies. I don't do carpet bathrooms. Holy germs. I need a nicely tiled bathroom with a sweet shower, and I agree, our bathroom doesn't have great lighting, but lots of natural light would be awesome...assuming it's not in a way that someone could easily see in.

Kristin said...

The last one definitely speaks to me!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Now those are some fancy bathrooms!

L A C E Y said...

i love that last one! so bright!

Elle Sees said...

i want a fireplace and for it to feel like an oasis.


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