September 26, 2014

All You Need is Gray {or Grey}

Fall has officially arrived. Cooler temperatures in the morning, earlier darker hours, and the smell of apple cinnamon and pumpkin wander through our streets and houses. With fall new colors enter our wardrobes as well. I usually go for gray {or grey}, brown, dark red, and occasional mustard. No matter what I feel gray calms and soothes me. It also refreshes me. Gray makes me feel sophisticated, clean {now, don't get the wrong ideas here, okay?}, makes me comfortable and loved. Weird, I know. It's what it does. This color is powerful.

You can combine gray with every color. Pink in the spring and summer, turquoise in the summer, red, orange and brown in the fall, and black and eggplant in the winter. Everything is possible. I like gray because I am not a huge fan of white {too see-through for me, and too delicate...sometimes I am clumsy when I eat}. Gray fits with everything, goes with everything, and make everything look pretty; even flowers, nails, and mugs. 

I own my favorite gray nail polish by Essie {ChinChilly}, I even own a light cardigan, but a mug, something cute to decorate the room, or/and a gray fall jacket would be just the perfect addition to my everyday fall life these days. Whatever I come across though I do not like. It feels weird, uncomfortable, or just unfit. If you have suggestions on where to go and to look for gray items, clothes, and whatever please let me know. I don't want to rely on the internet only. I would like to walk into a store and see, feel, and touch those gray items {and yes, this just sounded really weird, I know, sorry}.

Please excuse me while I am putting my old gray sweater on now.

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Mree said...

I love gray and pink together!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm all about some gray!

Christina said...

I really love gray too! And after seeing your pictures I think I need a new coat!


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