September 5, 2014

The Happy Drug: Music!

Happy Friday!!!

You know, when you don't feel well you need something to cheer you up. Some people prefer to just simply keep to themselves, drink wine {or something else}, eat, read, go out and get distracted, listen to music or even work out. Whatever works for you when you feel down or sad, music and tv are my distractions. Sunday and Monday of this week weren't my happiest days...this stretched to Wednesday and even to today. I guess that is normal. You know what my man did? He created a radio station on his phone that literally plays music based on my taste of music. Guess what? Apparently, Maroon 5 rocks my world. They rocked my world when they first started over 11 years ago, and they rocked my world driving two hours over a pass to see his parents and back to our place.

Also, just knowing Adam is still as hot as ever {yum!!} made my sadness a little less dramatic. Plus, hello, they just announced the new tour dates. Hmmmm, yes please! 

Making me smile and feel slightly better was needed. So, I am choosing to share this video with you. I am sure most of you have seen it, if not, watch it all. To me, it is a reminder that nobody and nothing is ever perfect but we can strive to work hard on ourselves and believe in a positive and perfect world; don't judge, don't hate, and just accept and tolerate. 

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Allison said...

Love it - music is such a mood lifter (and Adam being so delicious doesn't hurt at all). I hope that you're doing okay though and that you're pulling through - I know sometimes the hard times can seem like they just build, but it sounds like you're being so proactive and in charge of your positivity :) You're absolutely lovely, and I hope you had an amazing weekend! xo


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