September 18, 2014

2 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Bad Days

Ever had a horrible day? Week? Even month? 
We have all been there. We have all called a certain year one of the worst, even called a decade one of the most horrible ones. It's what we do. Some people even strive to find negativity in order to make their lives feel either better or worse. For a while now, I have been trying to make my life happier, more positive, filled with laughter, smiles, love, good food, and lots of pink and purple {and TV and films, and exciting books}. 

Honestly, since last year in November I have been wondering when my life will be fun, and happy again. My life changed from the moment I learned I couldn't finish my educational plan and it devastated me. Then I decided to go another route and earn money so I could maybe finish it in time. Friends supported me and the guy I had been dating for a while became something steady and permanent. Today I am focusing on the little things that will lead me to more happiness. I still have my bad days. Oh, I do. Ask my favorite person. He keeps saying I wasn't like that a year ago. Probably true. Back then I thought I had all my ducks in a row; straightly lined up and ready to go. 

When I feel sad, alone, and see only the negative things in life...I go for food. 
Don't get me wrong. I won't over-eat. I will try to enjoy healthy snacks. Just like the photo above. I go for fruits, fun "healthy" drinks, and whipped cream {cause I can, and want to}. How I do that? I will try to create something at home, but won't run to WholeFoods right away. I will rather try to find a new place to try around here in the city, and explore. So far, I have been very successful. My favorite person and I have not had a bad experience. The research takes a while because I have to make sure that the place offers gluten free items or a menu, but other than that, it has been fun and definitely lightens up the sad darkness.

The food usually gets me motivated, inspired, and happier. Win win!
I get nutrients, enjoy a date with my man, experience a new restaurant, and get happier? Yes, that's a win!

Second, when I feel most down and don't seem to be motivated to work on anything {not event this blog} I try to find happy photos or videos. It is that simple. I know people who get most creative when they are down, and plan projects {change wallpaper, paint, create jewelry, or  go to meet-up meetings}. Some even go to the gym and work off some steam they had built up over the past weeks or months. I do that too, but it doesn't make me feel whole or smiley. Cute photos or videos of animals on the other hand? Yes, they do.

1) Food
2) Cute animal photos or videos

That simple. So far it has worked for me. I don't want to spend money, and I don't want to be negative all the time. Laughter keeps people healthy and happy, and I am trying to find the good in most things. Maybe not on our water heater in our place, and maybe not in this ridiculous heat. Yet, when I see a squirrel jumping from one tree branch to another I get happy. When I see the turkeys look at me in fear because they think I am about to chase them down the road so I will have an early Thanksgiving dinner I get happy. When I find a perfect pair of boots, or a real leather bag for a great price I get happy. When I see puppies, or kittens stumble over nothing because, let's face it, they are clumsy at that stage in their life, I get happy {PetSmart, Petco, and all those other places thank you for having cute little ones available to look at!}. 

It is the little things.
If riding your bike, and cooking elaborate meals is your thing - then kudos to you.
If running, and getting rid of old clothes on a regular basis is your thing - then kudos to you.

Today, I am trying to smile by recycling my wine bottles, cans, and plastic bottles and get money back.
I will also try write down a Christmas list so I know what to get and send away, and then go look at cute animal videos...just the the following one {an old footage but it still makes me laugh}:

What is your remedy to a bad day{s}?

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Mree said...

Love this!! Great advice.


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