September 19, 2014

Happy Notes From Me

It is Friday. Time to quickly look back at this week, and time to look forward to the weekend.
I decided to share my happy and also my unhappy list with you. I feel I need to balance the two and not just focus on the positive. So, I can start working on the negative points. 

Cooler temperatures (and by that I mean low 90s)
Finally changed my address at DMV
Apple Cinnamon Candle
Thank-You cards delivered to us
New Girl
The 5 Love Languages {great book}
Thoughts to change up this blog here

Unwritten Thank-You cards
Paperwork we both have to work on
No photos of us as a couple {we simply don't like photos taken of us...big problem}
Decisions in regards to this blog

My main concern this weekend will be how to change this blog.
I know I will get my own domain {yes, finally, it's long overdue}, and switch a few things. If you have ideas, suggestions, etc please send them my way. Shoot me an email, please. :) Thank you. 

I will also focus on fall cleaning. This will include the regular cleaning {carpet, cabinets, windows, mirrors, floors, and laundry}, and the cleaning of the closet {getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or have not been touched in years!!!} I can already tell that our walk-in closet will look splendid afterwards. It will be phenomenal. We will have space for new items and more colors!!!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fall cleaning I am def not jealous of lol! Good luck with the blog updates! I use GoDaddy offered by Blogger. $10 a year and they do it all. Let me know if you need more info :)

Happy weekend. Go take some couple selfies ;)

Christina said...

90 degrees is not cooler temps! Hahah! It's going to be 85 tomorrow. I'm ready for like, 65! I'm in love with all the fall scents right now, but apple cider (similar to apple cinnamon, I'm sure) will always be my favorite!

Laura. said...

Loving the scents of fall right now :)


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