September 1, 2014

Welcome, September

Good morning.
Can you believe that yet another month has ended and started already? We are in month number nine, and I cannot believe how fast time has been flying. It is officially fall!!! Yes. To me at least. You may want to wait three more weeks, but to me, September 1st marks the first day of fall season. These next three months will be fantastic. I can decorate the apartment with warm colors, pumpkins, candles, and what not. Halloween will be scary funny, and then I can pack it all away and put up Christmas stuff. In no time we will celebrate a new year again. Insane!!

Yet, let's start with this month. I will not work on a fall list but tell you a few things I am looking forward to. Whether or not I will fully enjoy these items/moments/places is then totally up to me. Hopefully I can accomplish more during fall than summer because frankly I failed my summer list.

Things I look forward to:

- pumpkin spice lattes {the best thing during fall if they are not from Starbucks!)
- pumpkins in all sizes
- pumpkin patches {so want to go to one again, and pick a few cuties out}
- spiced hot apple ciders {oh yes}
- Halloween decorations 
- no more flip flops/sandals but actual closed shoes {fingers crossed this happens here in Sac}
- wearing my scarves
- cooler temperatures
- Christmas time approaching faster

I'm not particularly looking forward to potential rainstorms but if they happen I will just enjoy them. Note to myself: by a new umbrella. 

But right now, I am enjoying a Mrs! Wow!

Happy September!!
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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You'll have to go to Apple Hill!


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