September 12, 2014

Fall Wish List

Wish List

1) Kate Spade Glasses {I am obsessed}
2) Plates by Kate Spade {different design}
3) this wallet comes in different colors {I want magenta, or dark blue}
4)  Kate Spade Crossbody in either cream or black {did I mention I am obsessed with KS?}
5) Ankle booties that are comfortable
6 LLBean fleece sweater {purple is a must}
7) LLBean vest {it is getting colder and I always wanted one}
8) I have my stylist on Stella&Dot and found this necklace
9) a new phone. maybe the iPhone 6? Maybe just the good old 4s is deteriorating

Fall is around the corner even though we are still having temperatures in the mid and high 90s. I cannot wait for cooler temperatures to arrive. Living in California this may not be happening as fast or as beautifully as it does in other parts of the world but I am still looking forward to this season change. Having moved up to NorCal fall does happen more up here than it does down in the south. I am excited. Also, we have family in northern Nevada and since that is high dessert it does get cold there and it may even snow, so I must be prepared.

You probably noticed my Kate Spade obsession. I found cute glasses and plates and would love to add some fun, color and sophisticated yet still subtle touch to our little place, but I will wait. I might add these to my Christmas list. I am all about money saving, and I am actually pretty good at it. Also, this month I am not buying new clothes or anything for me or the man unless it is truly necessary {like when he comes home with a hole in his work the heck did that happen? Luckily those pants were old}. 

Are you ready for cooler temperatures?
Are you always buying new items, or use your old items for years?
Do you have a wish list?

I try to keep my clothing items as long as even possible, but what I wore at 20 may not fit me anymore and kind of looks outdated and used by now. Cleaning my closet for fall is always fun!!! I am so getting rid of so much stuff, and yes, will donate if possible.


Christina said...

Great wish list! I cannot wait for cooler temps. It's finally getting colder here at night so the mornings are good for a sweater, but it's in the 80s by afternoon.

Krysten Quiles said...

Seriously I'm obsessed with Kate Spade too!

Anita said...

i love kate spade!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that vest!


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