July 26, 2009

Eat. Love. Shop. Or Something Like That.

BARCELONA was beyond awesome.

It's one gorgeous city, with a very Mediterranean flair, too many perfect looking people, cute little cafes and shops, eatable fish, tons of tourists, breathtakingly beautiful buildings and statues, amazing avenues, lots of greens, lots of old and new stuff, lots of everything you just want to see while browsing through this thriving metropolis. The past five days were just perfect!

The only drawback, and that is a given even before you book it, is the heat. While traveling in summer you just have to know it might get hotter than usual. And, as you may know, I love it when it's hot. I love heat. However, this particular heat we experienced was more than I and I'm sure my friend bargained for. No doubt it was great. I mean, who wants to visit a new city when it's bitter cold and rainy 24/7? I've done it once, and I hated the city. I'm sure I would have loved it if the weather would have been on our side and showed its warmer temps. So, going back to my little Barcelona talk...the weather was hotter than hot, though the daily rather strong wind was our blessing. Just one day, and just that day, the wind seemed to have gone some place else because it was frustratingly hot. We were lucky enough to have a tiny pool and sunbathing area on the rooftop of our hotel so we were privileged to go up and do the well-known siesta time up there. Needless to say we got tanned, real good. My belly looked at first like a tiny freshly squeezed tomato but now it's just gorgeously brown. I'm blessed. Besides the tanning procedures and the shopping we enjoyed walking through this big city and seeing so many building we almost lost track of where we were heading. I think my friend S. got a stiff neck just by looking up all the time and trying to capture everything. Of course that was impossible. You'd be crazy to capture everything because it is impossible. Not entirely but this city is so huge we were only able to capture some parts, and the rest we captured in our minds - hopefully forever.
One day, and I believe it was the windless day, I felt sick. However, I was a good sport trying to get better by sipping on a (yes!!) Starbucks coffee Frappuccino and trying to get better. Eventually I did. Not sure if it was the coffee itself or the break. However, that did not matter. We didn't get mugged, or tanked which are quite common let's call it situations while in Spain, and also in Barcelona. We had fun though. Spent some Euros while finding cute new outfits and such, and well...just enjoyed being in a new place.

There is so much more to say about Barcelona but words cannot fully express how beautiful and colorful the city shines. You got to explore it yourself and find out what the buzz is all about. All I can say is that I loved it and that I'll definitely return - just not in July...been there done that.

Photos will follow...I'm still exhausted. I'm guessing it's the endless walking we did this past week and my body needing a total rest and no stress.

I'm going shopping again tomorrow. Yes!!! I did buy things in Spain, but a girl can never have enough and who said I was going to spend money tomorrow...shopping can also be done in one's mind. At least I believe so...we'll see if I can stick to that tomorrow.

Have an absolutely great Sunday!!!!

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ah, so jealous! I would love to visit Barcelona (and get tan). Unfortunately, I think I'm stuck in Hong Kong for a little bit longer (and I'll always burn/freckle).


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