July 10, 2009

Look What You've Done

Daily inspiration is needed. At least for me.
If possible I'd like to get started by really having a fabulous day, with or without sunshine and a clear sky. It just has to be a good day. Nothing should go wrong or the day just feels weird. Today was such a good day. Well, it could have been better but I have to say it was an okay day. Everything pretty much went smoothly. I like it that way. No emergencies, no outbursts, no arguments, friendly people all around, a good coffee break and chat after work (thanks M.) and support from people I wasn't expecting any.

As you may have noticed my summer's been just a tiny bit off. Needless to say I need big change and new challenges in life so whatever that may be will enrich my life, possibly lift it up and just make it a happy one. We are our own creators of whatever we want to have in life and when we want to live a happy life we should be able to create one. Honest truth, I'm working on it. I really am. Support today came from two very different people though.
One was a regular customer. She noticed my knack for languages and the fact that I can easily switch between two languages as if it was nothing. Last time she saw me was years ago. We started talking about languages, the future and my plans and all. She noticed I felt more comfortable years ago and now I just seemed out-of-place. My wish to go back to school and start something new, maybe even away from everything over here was something she could identify with. She said I should do whatever I feel like doing. I should go for whatever I have in mind regardless of consequences and friends and family telling me it's a bad idea. After all it's my life and even if that idea of mine didn't turn out or wasn't what I had in mind I would always be able to go back home. She would do it in a heartbeat if she were me. I felt relieved. I mean, she's known me for some time or basically heard millions of stories about me I'm sure, but she just literally met me today (talking can bring people together) and hearing something like that from her, from a stranger really (because I don't get too personal with customers, really), was what I needed.
The second person was my friend in Philadelphia. I got her insight and view on my little summer misery in an e-mail. We have a lot in common, sometimes too much, but in the end we understand each other and know what the other one might go through. I have to add that she moved to Philly about three years ago and ever since has loved it there. Her southern accent is almost gone, too. By the way I love Philadelphia, too. But I digress. Knowing what it means to leave family and friends and move to a completely new area with very different views on pretty much everything, and starting something new is something she can identify with to 250%. She knows what it means to say good-bye to family and friends, and not be able to see them every single day. She knows that it's always hard to be a stranger in a new city. However, what she told me is to think of my current place as a temporary place. It sure sounds like it. Just pack your bags like I did were her words. It won't hurt that much. It'll be hard but also great. Thanks A., I think I needed to hear this.

To some of you this might be nothing and you would need a lot more to get going, but knowing that two so very different people support me on this idea is pure inspiration. One I so desperately needed. I'm still going through my weird phase but I guess this is part of life. Without such daily downs, we wouldn't grow up...growing up doesn't stop when you turn 18 or 21 or finish college. It's a constant. It's what defines us. So, even though I don't like where I am at the moment (with all my negative thoughts) I know there's a reason why I feel this way. Good times are definitely around the corner somewhere.

With this positive thought in mind...Barcelona is just around the corner!!!
Ten more days and my friend S. and I are going to have a blast in Europe's most colorful city.
My Euros, passport, and creative mind are ready... are you?!

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