July 7, 2009


Just having read what I wrote earlier. My sadness is horrible. My urge to new things grows each day and even though I claim that writing always helps (have to say it sure did while I was writing my last entry), it also lets you all in and see how I feel. Not so sure if this is a good thing. Not so sure at all if writing is the answer either. Either way I'm going to continue my search of happiness. My world's crazy enough. Haven't fully decided whether or not I should attend my friend's wedding. I know I know, I so should. It's my friend's wedding and I'm sure you'd slap me if you were standing next to me now. It's just that I don't like going alone to weddings, and that specific wedding is in another country, too. It's going to be a blast, I'm so positive about this. However, it's a totally different country with very different values and views on pretty much everything (although the part I'll be living in is so westernized and let's call it Americanized it's scarily funny). I just don't know. There I go again. Why do I hesitate? Why is it that every time I can take my own hand and pull me towards new and exciting things I suddenly stop and second guess myself?!

Stay tuned and you'll learn more about my future trips (Barcelona is just about ten days away!), my so-called summer misery and crazy life...July only started and I'm sure it's going to be an interesting month.

Shopping tomorrow!!!! Can't wait.
Time for me to start tomorrow with a good cup of freshly brewed coffee (Starbucks here I come), a fun trip on the train, and an even funnier day spending money on clothes, new jewelry, and make-up!!!! A new purse would be awesome, too. We'll see...and while I'm doing all that, I'm trying to stay positive, smile at every nice-looking person, and enjoy the moment!!!
Wish me luck!!!!

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