July 9, 2009


My shopping day was a success. I didn't get all I wanted. As mentioned in my earlier blog entry I knew that I wouldn't get everything and basically end up with something I don't really need. As predicted I ended up with two (and thankfully not three) new books. I got a 20% discount on each book by presenting my bookstore card which had never happened before. I was thrilled. And, I got a couple of tops or blouses, and well...that is it. However, I think the day was a success. Lunch was beyond delicious, and our waiter was just so very perfect (besides his good looks), the weather was a bit off with gusty winds and some rain showers from time to time but other than that the day was great!!!! Kudos to that shopping idea!

Today was a regular day filled with work, computer problems, annoying stuff to deal with and well, my not-so-liked co-worker's return. So far so good. I found out, thanks to our lovely and cute computer guy Mr B., that our little ridiculously annoying computer problem was caused by some unnecessary software installation. The only person that does such things is that particular co-worker. I do touch computers and do update but I don't install stuff just because I think it's important and a must-have. I do install it when I'm asked to by an expert and she's far away from being one. It's not the first time and I just knew when Mr B. told me that a weird installation was done on our main computer that it was she that did it. Oh, how grammatically correct of me, or should I say I?! Either way, everything's solved now and our problems are gone. As I said...so far so good...you never know what happens and what crazy idea she comes up with next. Until then my motto/theme is SMILE.

I loved this song while watching My Girl 2, and since Tuesday I can't get it out of my head.

...an unforgettable song, no matter who sings it.

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