July 14, 2009


Open up your mind and let something new in. Open your horizon and let me know you are interested in the world, in new things that enrich your life, in new adventures, in knowledge and wisdom. Please, don't tell me you don't care about something because you are not interested in it. Don't tell me you don't mind not knowing what the capitol of Italy is. Don't tell me you aren't interested in the world around you. Please just tell me you are open and positive enough about the world and don't mind getting to know new and maybe exciting things.
Knowledge is power and power is something we can be proud of. I'm not talking about superpowers or the kind of power that lead you to either unhappiness, despair or worse. Power that really influences your life positively, shows you that you are a good and intelligent person. That power is what I'm talking about. It's wonderful!!!

I had this tiny conversation yesterday at work and it was about simple stuff we should all know about. Like, what is the capitol of Italy. Or the US. Or what language is spoken in Spain or France. Simple stuff. Random things you should know or at least have a clue about. I'm not asking about what religion believes in whatever magic, or what was the name of Beethoven's mother or how come Freud talked about this or that (besides, who was Freud?), or chemical questions, or historical question. Although I think and hope that we all know that World War I and II occurred, etc (trust me, I know someone that doesn't!). Simple stuff. I don't want you to know every single street in your city by heart. I don't even know that. I know major streets and have a clue on where a specific street might be located. If I don't know I'll look it up. I'm not expecting you to know every single country and its capitol city, nor famous person or authors, or what or who Obama is. The latter was a total shock to me because it turned out I know two people who, even today do not know that it was a person, a who, rather than a what. In spite of him being the President of the U.S.

So, I asked someone (don't want to say what it was because it's way too hilarious and dumb not knowing it), and all I got as an answer was "Oh, I don't know. Why should I know this anyhow? I was never good at that. I don't really care actually. Not worth it. There are other people out there knowing it and that is enough. Not knowing it hasn't killed me yet." Excuse me?! Don't you wanna broaden your mind, challenge it every single day with new ideas, information and input and possible insight on life and the world so your brain is working and living and not dying right within you?! Again, I wasn't asking what or who Gaudi was but I'm pretty sure the answer would have been a new deodorant.

Am I asking too much?!
I'm sure there are things out there in the world I'm not aware of, and that I have no clue about. However, I won't say I don't care because I just don't and why should I. I'll probably look it up or at least get the main gist about it so I'm informed. I'd feel left out without that knowledge.
Knowledge, of whatever kind, is power to me. Whether or not I can use the information given or known I am happy I've learned something (new) or learned something that I can possibly use later.
I'm amazed that that person didn't care about her cluelessness. Is this even a word?! I think I do ask too much. But my question was just way too easy and shocked the living hell out of me when I received an answer that was not even close to the right one, nor had anything to do with what I asked. Bluntly, she told myself she was dumb and proud of it. I just smiled at her and said "Good so. Good to know you think you know enough and still don't know shit." With that, she looked at me and said (and sorry, I'm quoting her literal way) "Yes, exactly. I know enough and am happy and proud of that." Come again?!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Open up your horizons and let the new world in.
Learn every single day something new...whether it is how to fold a letter properly so it fits into those tiny envelopes, or how to save things on your USB stick, or who Freud was or what Eusebi Guell did in Barcelona.

Picture credit: flickr.com MorBCN's photos are marvelous!

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