July 11, 2009


Time to relax, finish reading at least one book, watch entertaining TV shows and fun movies, pack my suitcase so it's done, do some laundry, do some more cleaning in the house, write a letter to my friend, sleep in and just literally find some quiet time and peace.

A lot to look forward to...it's Saturday and past noon, and work starts in about two hours. Not looking forward to it but it's work. There are so many out there not having a job, not even earning enough money to even buy bread or milk. I'm thankful for what I have at this very moment. I put my complaints aside and cherish what I have and what I can call my own.

I spoiled myself yesterday and today by buying some beauty things. Nothing in particular. Will tell you more once I learn how to use it all and how much it actually changes me. It's supposed to. So, we'll see. I bought two things in a store yesterday, one was necessary, the other one not so much but I've already used it and so far it's done no harm to my skin. At least that. Can't complain. The thing I bought today will be delivered in about two weeks. Maybe it arrives while I'm spoiling myself in sunny and colorful Barcelona or right after I get back. Either way I'm excited. I'd wanted to buy it for years now and was never able to. Now I am and didn't hesitate a bit. I'm so excited.

Happy weekend everyone!

For one day I am the girl again in the picture...
...full of life, full of passion and excitement!

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Malin said...

Just stumbled across your blog.. I like it! Love the picture, so cute!


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