July 17, 2009

Oh Happy Weekend

It's Friday again!
Time passes like nothing these days. I feel like the week just barely started and wow, is it really Friday again?! Crazy. Am not complaining. I for once can enjoy this weekend...nothing to do, just staying home, relaxing, watching TV, going out for some walks if the weather permits it (lately it's been kind of confusing with thunderstorms and lightning, bright and strong sunshine and then cool breezes again). I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow evening though. I just hope it's going to be fun. Don't know most of the people but the birthday girl I know for sure and that's why I'm going. Haven't been around people in so long.

As you all read I've had some rough times going lately. Nothing either seemed to go my way or make me happy. Yes, I need to take some action there to make myself happy because we are our own creators of our own happiness. No one does this for us. They might be little factors but in the end it's really us doing the work. I truly believe that this upcoming trip to Barcelona changes some things. Positively. A city so full of art, history, fun, and love can't be that bad, can it?! Plus, it's going to be something new and exciting. My summer misery has got to stop! NOW.

And yes, I'm working on getting happier...having now a couple of days off is going to be marvelous. Wish me luck on finding what I've been looking for and keeping it for a while, too.

Happy weekend.

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I am glad to see the back of this week but I know - how fast has it gone?! Time seems to be going wayyyy too fast at the moment.



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