July 31, 2009

20 Things I (And You Will) Know About Me

A while ago I decided that when my follower's list hits the cute number 20 I'd give out some more information about myself. Nothing too much, because not knowing everything makes it more interesting sometimes. So, here are twenty things about me as an individual being...just a few new hints:

♥ I'm an only child.
♥ I grew up without a father figure.
♥ My heart was broken twice, one time real hard but all is good now.
♥ I believe I lived in the 1930s and 40s (I know crazy!).
♥ My great-grandfather worked with Einstein.
♥ Coffee runs through my veins.
♥ Home to me is where I grew up, have passports from, and feel most likely like ME; ... Switzerland, Turkey, and southern California. In no particular order.
♥ I love anything with coconut in it: soup, desserts, shampoos, body lotion, nail polish (yes it exists), lip gloss, etc etc
♥ I am one of those people that simply dislikes chocolate (in any kind of form).
♥ Anything spicy is heaven for me. When I cry it's real good. Anything without a cry is just simply not hot (or good) enough!!!
♥ I'm a big city lover. So much more fun. So much to do and see. You won't get bored.
♥ My favorite ice cream flavors are vanilla, green tea and visne (sour cherry though from Turkey!)
♥ My favorite cities/areas are San Francisco, Los Angeles (going more north to SB), Philly, Istanbul, Berlin and of course Luzern.
♥ I pop my knuckles. Bad I know but I can't seem to stop that habit.
♥ Boredom is my best friend and also my worst enemy.
♥ I own at least about 20 pairs of flip flops. I wonder why. Must love them.
♥ Red roses are NOT my favorites, actually I don't like red flowers in general.
♥ Balloons aren't my thing.
♥ I swear. I admit it. Sometimes too much. I'm not proud of it but it's what it is. Sorry.
♥ No matter how old I am I decided to stay 24 forever. This may change but 24 is a good number!! ;-)

Hope you are having a great Friday.
Tomorrow, August 1st, is our national holiday over here. Not looking forward to it. You may wonder why. I am a patriot but for some reason I don't need to blow things up or ruin lives or demonstrate. It's supposed to be party time or at least time for some festivities but for once I have to work (yes, it sucks but that is my current life), and second, I don't think I'd be in the mood for any fun stuff right now. I feel blue. Yes, the summer misery is still in full bloom, but it's not that. I think stress sort of worked its way towards my stomach and it's been a real blast having stress and my stomach collide all the time. Needless to say, I feel sick. Hmmm.... vacation needed? Again?? I wish!!!!

Happy early weekend!


Megan said...

Feel better.

I liked reading this.. you'll have to do it again when you get to 100 followers! ;)

Selma said...

Thank you. I sure will. That'll be fun! :D

Carol said...

Great list, I love the city life too!

Dallas Shaw said...

green tea is an ice cream flavor? dallas

Selma said...

Yeah there is. All green and so good. Unless you don't like green tea then it's apparently awful. That's what my mom says. ;)

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

The 30s/40s thing is v interesting! I always want to go to a hypnotist and see if I can find anything out about my past life!



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