July 29, 2009

Chill. Read. Learn. Chill Some More.

About 434 new blog entries were waiting for me to be read. I'm down to 153 and it's been a crazy afternoon. I enjoyed it though. New ideas and inspiration occurred while reading wonderful blogs about life, love, happiness, culture, fashion and art. My eyes are sore but it was worth it - every single bit.
Oh, I went to work today...for sure. I came home early and decided to just sit back and enjoy the afternoon. It's 90 degrees outside and even though I love the heat I wanted to stay inside. Reading always inspired me, and as I mentioned in my earlier blog I get easily inspired by one particular book. Eat. Pray. Love. is just one of my favorites. I could read this over and over again. Love it. I'm so happy one of my best friends gave it to me. Love her for that. Thanks A. It's an amazing book and I'm sure it's guiding me towards the right path(s).

Not only do books inspire me but also such great pictures just like this one.
Do you see a common theme here?! Purple perhaps?! Yes. I just love the color purple. The book, the movie and definitely the color itself!

Picture credit goes to photobucket. As always. ;)

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Great post. I need to read Eat Pray Love. Must remember to pick it up!


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