March 27, 2010


I made it.
Both of my flights were incredibly bumpy, so I really got plane sick. :) I am feeling better now.
Got to see cool movies on the way to PA so it was all good...I was literally praying during the flight though...didn't like the bumpy trip but what can I do??? Not much.

So yeah...been here for like 24 hours and so far it's been okay.
Slept in, watched a lot of TV...still adjusting to the daily English usage...haha...and PA/LA accents. YES. Very different to what I'm used to and then again it's not really that different...but for those West Coast people who are reading this and might have lived on the East you may know what I mean. Unless you never noticed. I love languages and accents/dialects so I automatically notice. My friend has a Louisiana accent, not as strong anymore though (unless she talks to her family and friendsl in LA...that is so much fun!!!), and the rest of all the friends and people...clearly East Coast. Don't get me wrong that fact. I just love hearing the's awesome. :D

We have lots of plans and I have lots on my list to shop for.
Friends back in Europe gave me long lists of what to buy and what to look for. Things not available in Europe...I try my best. For sure. Don't want to disappoint anyone, not even me. Ya know, I love shopping.

Ok, I'm gonna keep this short.
So gonna watch a movie on demand now, eat some chips or an apple or the combo of both and then head to bed. Sunday's going to be a long day; especially for me.

Happy weekend everyone.
Sorry if this message sounds thoughts are all scattered so my mind is a huge mess now. haha.

Will update as often as even possible.
Just glad we fixed my friend's mac. What is wrong with broken laptops or internet connections these days????? LOL

Have a great evening everyone.




Sam said...

Woohoo, glad you made it there alright! Hope you have an awesome time! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear you made it! Have a great time but don't spend all of it worrying about getting the stuff for your friends, if you find it you find it, if not oh well lol

OceanDreams said...

Have a fabulous vacation - take lots of pictures and enjoy the accents!

BLC :o said...

Yaya! So glad you made it safe. I hate turbulence, but my bff once told me that's how she knows the plane is moving! I thought is was so cute that it makes me chuckle (and still hate the air "pot holes")! Enjoy your trip!! Xoxo-BLC

Kristina said...

Welcome to Philly! It's going to be fabulous this weekend, hope you get out and enjoy our great city!

Mara said...

yay! I'm glad you're there. Have soo much fun :)

♥ Katinka said...

YAAAAAAAAAAY, you made it!!!! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!


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