March 18, 2010

Ready Set Go

Am I ready?! Not sure.
I looked at *I shall never do this again!!!* and it turned out they're having temps in the 70s right now. What the?! No way. I packed the wrong things...then again, temps will drop by next week so I'm all good. This stresses me out. I hate it. BUT, I'm also loving it. Just knowing I'll be gone for a while, visiting places I have been before but still don't know at all *does that make any sense?*, and exploring new places...yes, this is exciting. My heart aches a little...more than just a little and even though my aunt is fine with my decision not to visit California this Easter I promised to visit hopefully in the fall. We'll see. My fingers are crossed though.
*plus, I'm trying to go up to the Bay Area in July, but haven't figured it out yet and/or if I should and/or if I have time and all* ... so, packing can be frustrating, but also getting me in the travel mood. ;)

So, anyways...where was I?! Oh yes, everything's pretty much done.
I think I'm ready. If not, I'll go to Target *likely going to happen right after I wake up the first day I'm there* and buy whatever is needed (and of course, a lot and Target go way back and I might just spend like $200 on day one!). Then I'm heading over to Bath&Body Works and buy "souvenirs". People here asked me to get them hand lotions, and body sprays...obviously I'm a good marketing/product distributor...haha...I buy what I like in that store, use it and people smell it, love it and want it. Awesome. They should give me some discounts now...big time. haha! ;) Kidding!!!
So, besides the obvious shopping I think I'm ready for whatever awaits me. :) I just hope the weather's going to be nice and sunny...not super hot but nice enough so I don't have to wear a jacket. I'm bringing mine with me, but still it'd be nice not to use it.

Oh yes, and while I'm gone...there might be a few scheduled posts...and some random posts from time to time. I won't have my laptop with me, but am a lucky girl and can use my friend's. So I won't be gone for a long time and will have hopefully time to download pictures and share some with ya. It's spring time and spring time should be celebrated with pictures *not to mention that I need new pictures*.
So, bear with me then...I might not be able to comment often (or at all), post daily, or even update stuff...but I'm going to try my best. After all, it is my vacation time and I'm more than just happy not to be glued to the computer screen that often. ;) 

To round my weird post up...I sort of came up with "weird" pictures...all from google images...thank you for that google!!! :) I watched some shows lately (reality shows too) and their houses were just so awesome. I am nowhere near buying my own, nor do I even know if this is ever going to happen. Heck, I haven't figured out where I'm going to live and how and all so buying a house is so not an option right now. However, dreaming about nice houses can be fun. Looking at pictures too. So, here are a few of those pics I found...nothing special I have to admit but it's better than nothing at all. :D

The last three houses are my favorites. The last apparently exists in Santa Barbara...nothing against that one. Not sure though where. Maybe better that way. ;) And I'm sure you recognize one of those houses anyways. Can I use some magic and get one of those awesome houses please?! ;)

I'll keep dreaming...

Happy Thursday everyone!!!


samnhal said...

I would please and thank you like a house also. It seems like all of the sudden everyone is buying a house and we are no where near buying a house. It makes me sad, but we'll be very prepared when we do which is nice. I'm so excited for your trip! I hope that you have such a lovely time and that the East Coast treats you well.
You could visit the bay area and socal at the same time? We did that last summer and the drive actually isn't too bad at all. We stopped at some cool places along the way.

♥ Katinka said...

Have a great time, hun!!! :) can't wait to see pictures!!!

OceanDreams said...

Have an amazing trip and be sure to soak up lots and lots of fun! :) Love these pictures...wish I had a home like that here. :)

Aura. said...

Have fun on your trip! Don't forget, warm weather = small clothes. I'm sure you have a little room for a few tank tops! :)

Tokyo Girl said...

I am in no position to buy a house either, but like you, LOVE perusing magazines and websites dreaming of my dream home!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I hope you have such a wonderful time!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Be safe!

Jess said...

Have a great trip! Hope the weather is perfect for you, and that you have an amazing time!!


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