March 19, 2010

Fill In The Blank...

I still have a few days left over here so I'm not 100% gone yet...but soon. haha. ;)
So, without further blablablabla from my side...

It is Friday, and what do you combine with Fridays?! Yes, among other things Lauren's awesome blog and her Fill in the let's get started for today...shall we?! Sure thing...
1.  Today I am wearing     dark jeans, light brown top with a pink tank underneath, black jacket, pink scarf, and my favorite shoes these days .

2.  My favorite childhood food was     frosted flakes    and my favorite food  now is   Thai, Japanese, and some Turkish food...but all in all I still LOVE frosted flakes  .

3.  A day that I am too busy to      sleep in until noon and lounge around    is a day that I am too busy.

4.  The last movie I saw was      a serious man     and the next movie I want to see is   the blind side, I'm so behind on my movie watching.

5.  My favorite smell is     the fresh and cool air right after it rained in the morning with sunshine trying to dry everything   because,      it is so refreshing, new, clean, odorless, and just downright beautiful to watch the sun dry your car, the ground, the flowers, the grass, and everything else...a fresh new start into the day...awww. ;) .

6.  A weird little quirk I have is   that I really don't know if I have one *even though I know I do but I simply can't come up with one mainly because there're so many of them which is planely just embarrassing to name on here so I won't and if I continue to think more about it more comes up and it's just very weird and those quirks better not be told right now otherwise I freak out*...does that  make any sense at all?! No? No problem...I could explain to you what I meant by all that but then I would take up way too much space and your eyes and even mine would be crying because staring at the screen for too long is horrible... to make it all quick and easy...I talk to much and I tend to write way too much and I use way too many letters and words and thoughts....can't!!!! So to sum this one up is my weird little quirk is that I can't stop at matter what it is...this can be good, it can also be bad but for the most part it is just good so I'll see it as a positive thing...hmmm...I think I have ODD or whatever you wanna call it.

7.  When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm      an introvert, BUT only by a couple of points.  I'm a mixture of pretty much everything. LOL   .

And well, before I head to bed because it's past 9pm (woohoo...I'm quite early today, not gonna happen that my bed sees me early today)...well, things at work slowed down. At least for the most part. Then again, my boss thought today was my last day at work so he refused to give me a new password and login name which was weird. Then again, all was good. The new system and its little super details drives me crazy but I'll get the hang of it soon...just have to. Then again, I'm gonna be working with it like for four two full days and then I'm gone...haha. :) So, things slowed down and I'm okay with that.
I keep my fingers crossed for some happy moments while I'm still there, and I'm looking forward to some time away and all. Besides, spring decided to visit us today so it was a gorgeous day and it's supposed to be even nicer over the weekend. Of course, I'll be working so that's no fun. ;) Haha. BUT, I won't be complaining... :)

Happy Friday everyone, and happy weekend.
I might not be on here...because I'll be way too busy using the new system and no internet at work. YES, read it internet. Better that day. For sure!!! :)



Mara said...

oh i love frosted flakes! so good! have a great weekend Selma :)

Rule of Fashion said...

nice post

I love ur blog

Checkout my shopping blog

Simply Me said...

I absolutely love ans # 5 ..and you must watch The Blind Side ..its super awesome dyin to watch a single man ..isnt that what you were referring to ..? or maybe ill look up a serious man ..
happy weekend !

D said...

Fun post. I love frosted flakes. Haven't had those in FOREVER!

OceanDreams said...

Frosted Flakes?! I ate those when I was young too! :)


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